10 Funniest Comic Books, According To Reddit

Jeff Smith’s series, Bone, From its debut in 1991 to the finale in 2004, it was a classic. Following the famous character Fone Bone with various missions, there is an example featured in the original post of the Redditordiggitfireball graphic novel series. There are also funny jokes. “

But for some people Bone There was a problem. In 2013, he joined the American Library Association’s list of the most difficult books, despite Smith’s claim that the series wasn’t really for kids.

Chewing (Rayman and Guillory)

For the darker style of comedy, John Rayman’s ChewingHe has an FDA agent who can take spiritual images of the food he eats, including humans, drawn by Rob Guillory.

Despite admitting the darkness of comedy, Redditor triggerman x97 remains Chewing “Weird and cartoonish.” Interval Chewing Originally implemented from 2009 to 2016, it reappeared temporarily in 2020. This includes one of the greatest non-superhero comics of all time.

Nextwave (Ellis and Immonen)

Redditor OrionLinksComic wants a mix of violence and comedy Next wave, A 2006-07 Marvel comic that satirized Marvel’s own superhero as “absolutely … fun”. The series was published by Marvel, but it’s not standard, so it even featured a very eccentric Captain America.

This series took in the charm and blood of superhero comics and enjoyed the fact that heroes are a lot of little wonders. A hero who has experienced HATE or the best anti-terrorism efforts.

Quantum and Woody (Priest and Brilliant)

Written as a version of Valiant Comics. Powerman & Iron FistSuperhero couple Quantum and Woody It ran from 1997 to 2000 and was easily reproduced and rendered in 2013 with a version of Redditor. 2 Jay Song Rayson 8“Please laugh out loud a few times or more.”

Written by Christopher Priest and drawn by MD Bright, the protagonist sometimes acts as a clumsy superhero duo. The comedy side of the series is complemented by a goat with a cover that goes beyond what it looks like.

Megahex (Hanselman)

A 200-page comic collection by Simon Hanselman, Mega hex It featured many Hanselman stories familiar to longtime fans, along with brand new content that filled almost half of the book.

Breaking the boundaries of the genre, the novel finds humor in a series of delicate, sometimes dark themes. Redditor Whiskey T admits it’s interesting, but “it’s not funny at all, it’s not terribly tragic, but it’s funny and very depressing.

Sex offenders (fractions and Zudaski)

Since its founding in 2013 Sex offender Recognized, acclaimed, nominated and award-winning as one of the best non-superhero comics of the 2010s. Written by Matt Fraction and drawn by Chips Darsky, the series ended in 2020.

Editor-in-chief Dust cleaner I found the content and jokes of the sex shop to be particularly interesting. Unfortunately, a TV adaptation was developed in 2015, but Fraction’s contract with Universal TV, if any, hasn’t yet appeared on the screen. Despite the praise it received, the series also made it on the list of the American Library Association for the most banned and disputed books in 2016.

Dix (Ennis and McCree)

Redditorcarson 63000, who worked sporadically from 1997 to 2005, talks about the Garth Ennis series. cock, “Two unfortunate idiots trying to become private detectives in Northern Ireland,” explained John McCrea. Like most of Ennis’ other works, Disciplinary, cock It featured its typical dark and violent comedy.

Each number cock Dougie and Ivor have supporting characters in another Ennis comic Problematic soulHe chased them when they tried new things, such as becoming private detectives, forming bands, going to space, and so on.

Spider-Man’s ultimate enemy (Spencer and Lieber)

Check with others Spiderman stock, Spider-Man’s ultimate enemy The villain Boomerang Fred Myers chases them as they make plans. Redditor Mish106 found this series “really interesting”.

Spiderman His villain is not surprising as he is already a fun character and part of Marvel’s most entertaining friendship. A series full of betrayal, elaborate plots, and multiple villains ends with Myers sharing his story with the guy at Bar. When asked for his name, the man replied “Peter,” ending the series with the hilarious assumption that he was Peter Parker.

Alien of Paradise (Terry Moore)

Blending genres of drama, comedy, crime and thriller, Strangers in paradise Written and drawn by Terry Moore. Redditor claudeteacher finds this particularly interesting because “the ability to switch between Terry Moore’s dramas, thrillers and comedies made him even more interesting.”

Following a love triangle with one of the best non-Marvel or DC Comics relationships, the series finally combined comedy and suspense aspects during the original 1993-2007 run, many of which were Moore’s own. Published by Abstract Studio.

Superman’s Friend Jimmy Olsen: Who killed Jimmy Olsen? (Fraction and Lieber)

Part of a legacy based on the 1952 television series Superman adventureMatt Fraction Superman’s friend Jimmy Olsen The story is what Redditor’s Undercircle called “literally ugly, to the point where Jimmy had a mischievous war with Batman.”

Superman’s friend Jimmy Olsen: Who killed Jimmy Olsen? The protagonist finds out for himself who wants to kill him, delves into the dangerous, bizarre and bizarre aspects of DC, and makes fun and exciting reading.

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10 Funniest Comic Books, According To Reddit

Jeff Smith’s series, Bone, was a classic from its first publication in 1991 to its final in 2004. Following the titular character Fone Bone through various quests, the graphic novel series was the example presented in Redditor diggitfireball’s original post, saying “Jeff Smith’s masterful use of panels can deliver some hilarious jokes.”
For some, however, Bone was a problem. In 2013, it was placed on the American Library Association’s list of Most Challenged Books, despite Smith’s assertion that the series was never actually meant for children.
Chew (Layman & Guillory)

For a darker style of comedy, John Layman’s Chew, illustrated by Rob Guillory, features an FDA agent with the ability to receive psychic visions from the food, including people, that he eats.
Despite acknowledging the darkness of the comedy, Redditor triggermanx97 still considers Chew “wacky and cartoony.” While Chew originally ran from 2009 until 2016, it made a brief reappearance in 2020, including as one of the 2020s best non-superhero comics, so far.
Nextwave (Ellis & Immonen)

Intermingling violence and comedy, Redditor OrionLinksComic calls Nextwave, a 2006-07 Marvel comic that satirized Marvel’s own superheroes as “absolutely … fun.” While the series is released by Marvel, it isn’t canonic, which is why it even featured an extremely out-of-character Captain America.
The series took the glamour and gore of superhero comics and used it to poke fun at them, with the protagonists being a group of minor Marvel heroes going by H.A.T.E., or the Highest Anti-Terrorism Effort.
Quantum And Woody (Priest & Bright)

Written to be Valiant Comic’s version of Power Man and Iron Fist, the superhero pair of Quantum and Woody ran from 1997 until 2000, making a brief reappearance in 2013, with the release making Redditor 2JasonGrayson8, “laugh out loud more then a few times.”
Written by Christopher Priest and illustrated by M. D. Bright, the titular characters function as a sometimes inept superhero duo. The comedic aspects of the series are complete with a goat from the cover that is more than it appears.
Megahex (Hanselmann)

A 200-page collection of Simon Hanselmann’s comics, Megahex featured many of Hanselmann’s stories that were familiar to long-time fans, as well as brand new content filling nearly half the book.
Pushing the boundaries of the genre, the novel finds humor in a number of sensitive, sometimes dark themes. Redditor WhiskeyT acknowledges that it’s funny, but “also not at all funny and very tragic. But hilarious. And so depressing.”
Sex Criminals (Fraction & Zdarsky)

Since its start in 2013, Sex Criminals has been known as one of the best non-superhero comics of the 2010s, receiving critical acclaim, nominations, and awards. Written by Matt Fraction and illustrated by Chip Zdarsky, the series ended in 2020.
Redditor dustycleaner found the contents and jokes in the sex shop as particularly funny. Unfortunately, while a TV adaptation was in development in 2015, Fraction’s deal with Universal TV has yet to reach the screen, if it ever will. Despite the acclaim the series received, it was also placed on the American Library Association’s most banned and challenged books list in 2016.
Dicks (Ennis & McCrea)

Running irregularly from 1997-2005, Redditor carson63000 describes Garth Ennis’s series Dicks, illustrated by John McCrea, as being “about two hapless idiots in Northern Ireland trying to be private detectives.” Like much of Ennis’s other work, including The Punisher, Dicks featured his typically dark, violent comedy.
Each issue of Dicks took Dougie and Ivor, side characters from another of Ennis’s comics Troubled Souls, and followed them as they tried new things, including being private detectives, forming a band, and even going to space.
Superior Foes Of Spider-Man (Spencer & Lieber)

Debuting alongside other Spider-Man titles, Superior Foes of Spider-Man follows Fred Myers, the villain Boomerang, as he orchestrates his schemes. Redditor Mish106 found the series “really funny.”
Spider-Man himself is already a hilarious character, being part of some of Marvel’s funniest friendships, so it’s no wonder his villains are, as well. Filled with backstabbing, elaborate plans, and a plethora of villains, the series ends with Myers sharing his story with a man at a bar. When asked for his name, the man answers “Peter,” wrapping up the series with a funny assumption of the man being Peter Parker.
Strangers In Paradise (Terry Moore)

Blending the genres of drama, comedy, crime, and thriller, Strangers In Paradise is both written and drawn by Terry Moore. Redditor claudeteacher finds it particularly funny because “Terry Moore’s ability to go from drama to thriller to comedy made it that much funnier.”
Primarily following a love triangle, one of the best comic book relationships that aren’t Marvel or DC, the series eventually incorporated aspects of comedy and thriller during its original run from 1993 to 2007, most of it published by Moore’s own Abstract Studio.
Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen: Who Killed Jimmy Olsen? (Fraction & Lieber)

Part of a legacy dating back to the 1952 TV series Adventures of Superman, Matt Fraction’s entry into the Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen history is what Redditor inadequatecircle calls “outrageous in every sense of the word, to the point of Jimmy having a prank war with Batman.”
Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen: Who Killed Jimmy Olsen? follows the titular character through his own investigation into who wants him dead, delving into the dangerous, weird, and wacky side of DC, making for a fun and exciting read.

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