10 Mythological Heroes That Need Their Own Box Office Movie

Surprisingly, none of the best movie versions of Greek mythology recorded a boy’s journey to what is essentially the god of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

He was born twice, not once, and the second time from Zeus’s feet. It makes him a perfect god according to the logic of ancient conspiracy. His story involves being captured by pirates, and even Marvel’s “Party Thor” has the power to immerse everyone before he becomes the god of the party. Estimate …? I love it. Now that the nostalgia of the 80’s is ripe, they can use Jack Black for all the glory of his party rockers.


Born in the “unfortunate state” of being a girl, she was forced to die alone in the woods and was picked up and raised by a bear. Atalanta later proved that she was the fastest human being in the world and, as the best human archer, leaving was a stupid choice.

These are the only female Argonauts, her adventures of challenging men who want to marry a race, killing them when they lose, crushing the Temple of Zeus, and finally turning into a lion. With comedy, action, or malice, it will create an incredible story of women’s empowerment and prove the importance of “equal weight” Atlanta.


Indra is good at finishing, but not because it eats leafy vegetables. I drink a lot of Soma, so I become a giant. The ancient virtue of gaining power while drunk may not be old enough for today’s audience.

However, this could act as a flaw in the hero, never doing his heroic deeds, such as starving the world’s waters and killing Vritra, a chaotic snake that can’t be killed day or night. It won’t hurt. It was wet or dry, but there was a gap and Indra saved the day. Kumail Nanjiani was a fan favorite of the otherwise mixed Eternals and the hero’s cross-border. This may suggest that exploring on the big screen can be an interesting story.


Japanese mythology inspires more than Pokemon design. In the spirit that the villain is a hero in itself, Susanoo is a perfect fit for the sympathetic Harley Quinn-type antihero bill.

Having had to deceive his sister Sun into leaving the cave, he saved the trouble of fighting eight dragons for his hands after being expelled from heaven. The wedding of a beautiful young girl after she apologized to her sister for the full spring of her redemption. It’s no different from its second enemy, the Peacemaker. Suicide corps Just to save himself in his own series.


Anansi First “”Spider-Man. He was the god of Ashanti villains in Africa and a member of his family. He sought the help of his wife to plan his plans, and in doing so he eventually became the owner of all the stories. The wisdom he gave to the world.

In the form of his true thief, he is also responsible for creating many natural phenomena. More importantly, he created a lot of resistance to slavery and oppression. The film that emphasizes this is still powerful and inspirational today, making such a sneaky debut. Deadpool 3 He comes, he fits perfectly.


Since then Black leopard When Moon knightCharacters in Egyptian mythology often appear in pop culture, but these are more serious depictions.Absolutely none American pie Jokes like the story of how Horus became king include Isis as a villain who is too involved in making his son king.

Much of this history is the basis of timeless stories such as: Hamlet When The Lion King.. There were many epic battles, one of which was fun and the game ended blindly. But the story ends when Horus tricks Seth into feeding his seeds to win his throne.


The Hindu deity Vishnu has ten incarnations, each different from the previous one. Movie fans can witness stories ranging from fishmen who save humanity in the event of a flood to lions who kill demons because they can’t kill them at the doorways at dusk. Dawn or dusk, day or night. Or by animals or humans.

Another movie could be about a demon hunter whose childhood was Jack Jack. Amazing 2 Colors that indicate the various genres and movies that can be produced. The franchise potential here is as great an opportunity as any other incarnation.

King Gesar

In ancient Mongolia, where the universe was an endless cycle of death and rebirth, sin reduces the scale of the soul’s existence in the afterlife. When her mother commits the greatest sin, the Creator must prepare her to become the most powerful demon in history. They need one of them to be a natural hero.

Geser finally accepts 14 important terms. Movies like this show that becoming a hero is expensive and cleansing takes years, so you need to remind him that an angel will come out of the bar and come back to save the world. Nowadays, movies about various dark things in the universe and their aftermath are mainstream.

Cu Chulainn

The hero, named Ulster Hound, was named Ulster Hound because he saved his life from the guard dog, killed him, and agreed to take his place until the puppy was big enough. The Incredible Hulk Anger, growls, and the ability to be hated by those who offend him.

After many successes and tragic setbacks, she wasn’t a perfect adult yet, but she fought her life. After taking three of his spears, he tied himself to a standing rock and was able to face his enemies when he died. 1 person 13 Warriors An honorable death is approaching, and this movie undermines the current charm of the Hulk movie they never had.


The oldest known epic in the world has never been filmed. Maybe this hero was a big villain at first, but the same is true for the long-awaited Black Adam movie to be released this year. Gilgamesh is a tyrant of the king, a two-thirds god, so God creates Enkidu, a barbarian who can challenge him. After they fight and see them tied, they become best friends, fight together and kill the devil. When the jealous Ishtar kills Enkidu, it encourages him to embark on a pit-filled quest for immortality along the way.

Perhaps after the success of these films, the studio could work to make mythical films in the style of the now popular tragic flawed heroes about the heroes they’ve seen so far, such as Thor, Heracles, and Perseus. I can do it. Even Peter Quill was responsible for unknowingly helping Thanos destroy half of the galaxy, but nevertheless, like our previous epic champion, he ultimately succeeded. Did.

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10 Mythological Heroes That Need Their Own Box Office Movie

Surprisingly, out of all the best cinematic adaptations of Greek mythology, there has never been a movie about a boy’s journey to becoming what is essentially the god of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
He was born, not once, but twice, the second time from Zeus’s leg which makes him a full god according to the logic of ancient plotlines. His story includes being captured by pirates and having the powers to drive everyone mad, all before becoming the party god that even “Party Thor” from Marvel’s What If…? would worship. With 80s nostalgia ripe right now, they could cast Jack Black in all his party rocker glory.

Being left alone to die in the woods for being born with the “unfortunate state” of being a girl, led her to be taken in and raised by a she-bear. Atalanta would later prove her abandonment to be a foolish choice by becoming the world’s fastest person and best human archer.
Her exploits include being the only woman Argonaut, challenging men who wanted her hand in marriage to a race and killing them when they lost, banging in Zeus’s temple, and as a result, getting transformed into a lion. With  comedy, action, or villainry, this would make for an amazing female empowerment tale and prove Atlanta’s meaning, “equal weight.”

Indra is strong to the finish, but not because of eating his leafy greens. It’s because of drinking so much soma that he grows to be a giant. The ancient virtue of gaining strength by getting drunk may not have aged well for today’s audiences.
However, it could work as a flaw of the hero that doesn’t detract from his heroic deeds like slaying Vritra, a chaos serpent that drank the world’s waters into a drought and couldn’t be killed by day or night or by a weapon that was wet or dry, but there were loopholes, and Indra saves the day. Kumail Nanjiani was the fan-favorite of the otherwise mixed reviewed Eternals, which itself had heroes that crossed lines – which may suggest that this would be an interesting story to explore on the big screen.

Japanese myths inspire more than Pokémon designs. In the spirit of villainous types becoming heroes in their own right, Susanoo would more than fit the bill for a sympathetic Harley Quinn-type antihero.
After being kicked out of Heaven for being so much of a brat that his sister, the sun, had to be tricked to come out of a cave, he ended up redeeming himself through the tribulations of fighting an eight-headed dragon to gain the hand of marriage of a fair maiden to apologizing to his sister for a full redemption arc. This is not unlike Peacemaker who was a secondary antagonist in The Suicide Squad only to redeem himself in his own series.

Anansi was the very first “spider-man.” He was a trickster god of the Ashanti people in Africa that was also a family man. He would ask his wife for help planning his schemes, and by doing so ended up becoming the owner of all stories and wisdom which he eventually gave to the world.
In true form to tricksters, he is also responsible for the creation of a lot of natural phenomena. More importantly, he was the inspiration for a lot of resistance to slavery and oppression. A movie highlighting this could be powerful and poignant still today, and with trickster lead movies like Deadpool 3 coming up, this would fit right in.

From Black Panther to MoonKnight, characters from Egyptian mythology often appear in pop culture, but these are more serious depictions. None with quite the American Pie level of pranks as the tale of how Horus became a king, which includes Isis as a smother that gets way too involved in pushing her son to become king.
Much of this tale is the basis for timeless stories like Hamlet and The Lion King. There are plenty of epic battles where, one of which, the fun and games did end with someone losing an eye. However, this story ends with Horus winning the throne by tricking Seth to eat his seed.

The Hindu god Vishnu has 10 incarnations, each different than the last. Movie-goers could get a variety of stories from a fish-man that saves mankind in a flood to a lion-man that kills a demon in a doorway at dusk because it couldn’t be killed at day or night, at dawn or dusk, or by an animal or man.
Another film could be about a demon slayer whose childhood has Jack-Jack from The Incredibles 2 tones, which showcases the range of genres and films that could be produced. The franchise potential here is a giant opportunity, as giant as one of his other incarnations.
King Geser

In ancient Mongolia, where the universe is an endless cycle of death and rebirth, sins bring souls down the scale of existence in the next life. When a mother commits the ultimate sin, the creator gods have to prepare for them to be the most powerful demons ever. They need one of them to be born a hero.
Geser finally agrees on fourteen major conditions. A movie like this would show that being a hero takes such a toll and requires so many years of cleansing that an angel still has to remind him to get out of the pub and get back to saving the world. Films about dark things coming through different universes and the consequences of it all are very much in the mainstream right now.

Called The Hound of Ulster for feeling bad for defending his life as a boy against a guard hound, killing it, and agreeing to take its place until a pup grew old enough, this hero seems to have the Incredible Hulk ability of raging, growing, and not being liked by people who made him angry.
After many feats and tragic mishaps, he fought the battle of his life still not fully an adult. After taking three spears, he tied himself to a rock standing up, so he could face his enemies even in death. Only The Thirteenth Warrior comes close to a death that honorable, and this movie would scratch the current fan itch of a Hulk movie they never got.

The world’s oldest known epic has never been made into a movie. This could be because, at first, this hero would make an amazing villain, but so is the much anticipated Black Adam movie coming out this year. Gilgamesh is a tyrant of a king that is somehow two-thirds god, so the deities create Enkidu, a wildman who could challenge him. They fight, and after seeing they are evenly matched, become best friends, and fight together killing demons. When a jealous Ishtar kills Enkidu, this spurs him to go on a quest for immortality fraught with plenty of missteps along the way.
Maybe after the successes of these movies, studios could get to work on doing mythology-accurate films about heroes we’ve seen before like Thor, Hercules, and Perseus all in the style of our tragically flawed heroes popular now. Even Peter Quill was responsible for inadvertently helping Thanos wipe out half the galaxy, yet still comes through in the end, much like our epic champions of old.

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