90 Day Fiancé: Libby’s Dad Chuck Potthast Shares Major Update About Cancer

ancient 90-day fiance Chuck Pothasto, the father of Libby Pothasto’s star, has revealed that he hasn’t had cancer since 2017. Viewers may remember Chuck as a supporting player in the story of Libby and Andrey Castrabet. As a father, Chuck always tried to bring his family together. But all the encounters he arranged in the past seem to have ended in either an explosive battle or a physical debate. Still, it helped keep the show interesting for years.

Chuck has negative characteristics, 90-day fiance The public has a soft spot for him. They feel he really appreciates his daughter and son and he is helping them as much as possible. That’s why they were shocked by Chuck’s news. A 90-day log The teaser revealed that Libby’s father was fighting cancer.Chuck did not share details about his illness, but many people 90-day fiance Viewers immediately came to his help and gave him love on the internet. Some have questioned the status of the former actor since the trailer was released, but no one has talked about it.

Now, Libby’s dad has finally shared the long-awaited update on her health. Chuck posted a video on his Instagram and started saying he had a lot of fun on the beach. Then he talked about his illness. 90-day fiance Audience. Chuck”I haven’t had cancer since the surgery in 2017.So I had no cancer for 5 years“I thank the Lord that she is healthy now. However, Chuck is still taking the exam every six months. Chuck thanked him at the end of the short video. 90-day fiance Viewers are sending her a lot of love on social media.

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Chuck’s followers congratulated him with great news and were clearly excited to find out that Libby’s dad was doing well. Instagram users said: “I love Chuck! You are a hero and an inspiration.“Someone else intervened, “It takes a long time to share ourselves. I am impressed with your power. Stay strong, as God gives us only what we can handle.“Someone else commented”Congrats.I wish you happy days with your familyLibby’s dad may not be a member of the main cast, but over the years he has received a lot of approval from people who have seen the show.

Most TLC viewers really feel Chuck and want to live a happy and healthy life with their grandchildren. They are upset to see the children laughing at him, so they encourage him to retire and enjoy his life peacefully. He saw Libby’s father’s ridiculous behavior on and off the screen, 90-day fiance Viewers respect him and want him to exist for a long time. I hope Chuck will continue to live a healthy life and keep his followers up to date.

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90 Day Fiancé: Libby’s Dad Chuck Potthast Shares Major Update About Cancer

Former 90 Day Fiancé star Libby Potthast’s father, Chuck Potthast, reveals he has been cancer-free since 2017. Viewers may remember Chuck as the supporting cast member in Libby and Andrei Castravet’s storyline. Being a dad, Chuck has always tried to bring his family closer. However, it seems like all the get-togethers he has arranged in the past have ended in explosive fights or physical altercations. Still, he’s contributed to keeping the show entertaining over the years.
Even though Chuck has some negative traits, 90 Day Fiancé viewers have a sweet spot for him. They think he truly cares for his daughters and son and helps them any way he can. That’s why they were saddened by some news about Chuck. A 90 Day Diaries teaser revealed that Libby’s father is battling cancer. While Chuck didn’t share the details about his disease, many 90 Day Fiancé viewers quickly came to his aid and showered him with love online. Since the trailer’s release, some have wondered about the former cast member’s health condition, but nobody has addressed it.
Now, Libby’s father has finally shared a long-awaited update about his health. Chuck posted a video on Instagram and started it by saying he’s having a lot of fun at the beach. He then addressed his illness, which has worried many 90 Day Fiancé viewers. Chuck said, “I’ve been cancer-free since my surgery in 2017. So for five years, I’ve been cancer-free.” He is grateful to the Lord because he is now healthy. However, Chuck still goes for check-ups every six months. At the end of the short video, Chuck thanked 90 Day Fiancé viewers who have sent him lots of love on social media.
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Chuck’s followers celebrated this amazing news and were clearly glad to know that Libby’s father is doing well. An Instagram user wrote, “We love you Chuck! You are a hero and an inspiration.” Another person chimed in, “It takes a lot to share what you have about yourself. I admire your strength. God gives us only what we can handle so stay strong.” Someone else commented, “Congratulations. I wish you many many more happy days with your family.” Libby’s father may not have been a main cast member, but he has earned a lot of approval over the years from those who watch the show.
Most TLC viewers truly feel for Chuck and want him to live a happy and healthy life with his grandkids. They feel sad to see that his kids ridicule him, and that’s why they suggest he retire and enjoy his life in peace. Despite seeing Libby’s father’s scandalous actions on and off-screen, 90 Day Fiancé viewers respect him and hope that he will be around for a long time. Hopefully, Chuck continues to experience good health in the years to come and keeps his followers updated on his life.

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