90 Day Fiancé: Why Fans Like Shaeeda Sween More Than Bilal Hazziez

Many commentators like Bilal 90-day fiance The joke went outboard and showed Shaeeda not only a humble life but also a troublesome life. “”So this bastard tests if he’s a gold mine digger and sees him like another American, that’s his way of life.I wrote one commenter. Many viewers are skeptical of Bilal, but can’t wait to see more of Shada. “”One thing about the Trinidads is that they always crack funny jokes. I can’t wait to see it.Written by a critic. “”It made me laugh because it’s true!He is very fineAnother user is writing about Shaeeda’s joke. Many commenters added that Shaeeda seems to be more interested in cleanliness than focusing on wealth and material objects.

Bilal tries to test his strength 90-day fiance His partner, yoga enthusiast Shaeeda, has already gained a lot of viewership. Shaida only appeared directly in one episode of Season 9, but her personality and her way of holding have already been praised by viewers. Bilal has many opportunities to catch up with the masses, but many struggle to overcome the cruel mischief of his wife.Shida is already married to Bilal in their religion, and many 90-day fiance Season 9 viewers believe she deserves more respect from her spouse.

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90 Day Fiancé: Why Fans Like Shaeeda Sween More Than Bilal Hazziez

Many commenters agreed that Bilal took his 90 Day Fiancé joke way too far and showed Shaeeda a life that was not merely modest but unkempt. “So, this jerk is testing to see if she is a gold digger, and she is looking at him as another American, living like this,” one commenter wrote. While many viewers are skeptical of Bilal, they are looking forward to seeing more of Shaeeda. “One thing about trinidadians they always crack the funniest jokes. I’m looking forward to seeing her,” one commenter wrote. “That had me cackling, cause it’s so true! She’s very witty,” another user wrote in regards to Shaeeda’s joke. Many commenters added that Shaeeda appeared more concerned about cleanliness than she was focused on wealth or material items.
While Bilal might be trying to test his 90 Day Fiancé partner Shaeeda, the yoga fanatic already won many viewers over. Even though Shaeeda has only appeared, in person, for one episode of season 9, she is already earning early praise from viewers for her personality and how she carries herself. While Bilal has plenty of opportunities to redeem himself to viewers, many are finding it difficult to move past the cruel joke he played on his wife. Shaeeda is already married to Bilal within their religion, and many 90 Day Fiancé season 9 viewers believe she deserves far more respect from her partner.
Source: u/Affectionate-Alps-86/Reddit

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