Apple Makes AirTags Louder So They’re Easier to Find

Will you never lose anything?

AirTags was invented in the first place because it’s a hassle to lose things, but what if you don’t hear AirTag alerts?

Apple primarily addresses this issue by moving some new features to AirTags via firmware updates, as described on the official company support page. What is the solution? AirTag alerts will be significantly higher, making it easier to find connected objects.


The company unveiled this feature in February after reporting in detail how the villains are using props to track people.

In this case, increasing the alert not only makes it easier for users to find lost items, but also allows people who may be victims of tracking to hear the alert, so AirTag can be used as a tracking aid. lose. Apple also said in February that it would add a warning about the legal implications of tracking these devices during installation.

While this feature is technically valid, firmware is gradually being rolled out to the AirTag user base. Currently, less than 10% of active AirTag users have access to this feature, and the number is increasing in batches on May 3, 9, and 13.

IOS 14.5 or later is required to update the AirTag firmware to the latest version. If AirTag is within the Bluetooth range of your phone or tablet, firmware updates will be delivered automatically.

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Apple Makes AirTags Louder So They’re Easier to Find

Never lose anything again?

Losing stuff sucks, which is why AirTags were invented in the first place, but what happens when you can’t even hear the AirTag alert? 

Apple is addressing this problem in a big way by sliding in some new features to AirTags via firmware update, as announced on an official company support page. What’s the fix? AirTag alerts will now be significantly louder, allowing you to easily find the object it is attached to. 


The company teased this feature back in February after reports were issued detailing how bad actors used the accessories to stalk people. 

Making the alert louder, then, not only allows users to easily find missing objects, but it will also render AirTags unusable as stalking aids, as the would-be stalking victim will likely hear the alert. Apple also said back in February that it would be adding a warning when setting up these devices regarding the legal repercussions of stalking. 

This feature is technically live, but the firmware is being rolled out slowly to the AirTag userbase. As of now, under ten percent of active AirTag users can access the feature, with that number increasing in batches on May 3, May 9, and May 13. 

You must have iOS 14.5 or later to update your AirTag’s firmware to the latest version. Firmware updates are delivered automatically when your AirTag is within Bluetooth range of your phone or tablet. 

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