Best Justice League villains ever

On April 26, the Supervillain’s army, more specifically the Supervillain’Dark Army’, led by Paria, did what the Justice League’s Supervillain did not do, and the entire team (and eventually in progress). Series) was killed. Justice page. 75th league.

Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Man Hunter Martian … The bottom line of the list, they all fell apart at the same time.

Well, here are some details we forgot … TRUE Did the dark army kill the team?And even the team TRUE death? (We already have a theory of how they returned.)

The second question will be asked in the Dark Crisis starting in June, but at least the Dark Army has proved a saying about the power of numbers. Only one “soldier” from the list is on the list of the best villains in the Justice League. Looking at the image above, you can probably guess who it is.

From mind-controlling alien starfish to the evil version of a superhero team like the Mirror Universe, White Marshall, take a look at the biggest Supervillain the Justice League has ever faced. that’s why Team … to the army of darkness.

10. Despair


9. White Martian

White martian

8. Prometheus


7. Injustice League

Injustice League

6. Amazon


5. Villain Secret Society

Supervillain's secret society

4. Anti-monitor

Anti monitor

3 stars


2. American Crime Syndicate

American crime syndicate

1. Dozen seeds


Dark side (image credit: DC)

After all, it all comes down to Omega, and for the dark side (the fun of spelling!) It’s a real consideration.

In addition to the anti-life equation and the Omega Beam, this alien Apokolips overlord has plagued the Justice League since its first appearance in November 1970.

The Dark Side was born out of the creative spirit of Jack Kirby, one of the new gods from outside the universe. Using the main box, his plans have made him fight the entire Justice League, or sometimes Superman, and he has proven to have lasting power-the dark side tends to live for thousands of years. Has taken over an army of superheroes. future.

Like most iconic Supervillains, DC toyed with the Dark Side hero comeback a few years ago, but has been improved following the 2020 Dark Knight: Death Metal and is back in a good version of the character: Death metal causes havoc. For a year and a half he’s been working at DCU, his story culminates in the Dark Crisis.

Let’s see if he really works as a foot soldier for the Dark Army, or if the Dark Side has other plans.

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Best Justice League villains ever

On April 26 an army of supervillains – a “Dark Army” of supervillains more specifically, led by Pariah – did what no Justice League supervillain has ever done – kill the whole team (and the ongoing series as a result) in the pages of Justice League #75.
We’re talking Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter … the core of the roster, all in one fell swoop.
Now there are some details we’re leaving out…like was it really the Dark Army that killed the team? And is the team even really dead?  (We already have a theory on how they come back.)
The latter question will be determined in Dark Crisis starting in June, but if nothing else the Dark Army proves the adage about strength in numbers. Only one “soldier’ in the squad qualified for inclusion in our list of the best Justice League supervillains, and if you look at the image above you can probably guess who that is. 
From an alien mind-controlling starfish to White Martians, to an evil, mirror-universe-like version of the superhero team, here’s our look at the greatest supervillains the Justice League has ever faced as a team … well, until the Dark Army that is.
10. Despero

9. White Martians

8. Prometheus

7. Injustice League

6. Amazo

5. Secret Society of Super Villains

4. Anti-Monitor

3. Starro

2. Crime Syndicate of America

1. Darkseid

Darkseid (Image credit: DC)
Ultimately, it all comes down to the Omega, and for Darkseid (fun with spelling!) that’s a literal assessment.
With his Anti-Life Equation and Omega Beams, this alien overlord from Apokolips (more fun with spelling!) has plagued the Justice League since his first appearance in November 1970.
Darkseid is from the creative mind of Jack Kirby, as one of the New Gods from the far reaches of space. Using the Mother Box, his schemes pit him against the Justice League as a whole, or sometimes just Superman alone, and has proven to have staying power – Darkseid even winds up taking on the Legion of Superheroes, who tend to dwell a thousand years in the future.
Like most iconic supervillains, DC toyed with a hero turn for Darkseid for a minute a few years back, but a leveled-up and squarely back to no good version of the character as a result of 2020’s Dark Nights: Death Metal has been creating havoc for the DCU for a year and a half now, and his machinations are coming to a head in Dark Crisis. 
We’ll see if he actually serves as a footsoldier in the Dark Army or if Darkseid has other plans afoot.

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