Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 3: Nacho’s Big Scene Explained By Star

Mand, who played Nacho perfectly for 5 seasons You should call SaulHe definitely knows the motives of his character. His last selfless behavior ensured that Gus saved the life of his father, who never endorsed Nacho’s reluctant criminal life. Nacho chose to protect Fling’s reputation before following his own terms, saying:Chicken manI participated in a mistake against Laro. A heroic ending that deserves a certain amount of virtue and morality throughout the series, but ultimately pays the price.

Mand is also correct to point out that Nachos and all other desert characters are undead. Gus, Victor, Tyrus, Juan, Gemini and Hector will be killed during the event. breaking bad.. Nacho (along with Laro and Kim) is one of the few protagonists in the movie. You should call Saul never seen breaking badThat meant that his days were probably counted from the beginning, but it doesn’t make the effects of his death so devastating.

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Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 3: Nacho’s Big Scene Explained By Star

Mando, who has portrayed Nacho brilliantly for 5 full seasons of Better Call Saul, is absolutely on point about his character’s motives. His final act of selflessness guaranteed that Gus would protect his father’s life, who never endorsed Nacho’s reluctant life of crime. Before going out on his own terms, Nacho also opted to protect Fring’s reputation by dashing any suspicion that “the chicken man” was involved in the botched hit against Lalo. It’s a befittingly heroic end for Nacho who has aspired to a certain degree of virtue and morality throughout the show, but ultimately pays a price for it.
Mando is also right to point out how every other character in the desert with Nacho are all dead men walking. Gus, Victor, Tyrus, Juan, the Twins, and Hector are all killed during the events of Breaking Bad. Nacho (along with Lalo and Kim) is one of a few major characters in Better Call Saul who never appears in Breaking Bad, which meant his days were likely numbered from the start, though that doesn’t make the impact of his death any less poignant.
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