Beware Of These Scam Apps On The Mac

After investigating Eleftheriou, developer Jeff Johnson also investigated this issue. found My metronome is a Russian address from the developers behind Music Paradise LLC. Another Mac developer named Groove Vibes is registered at the same address and offers an app with similar suspicious credentials. Once the connection is established between the two sketchy developers, anger We experimented by downloading and installing the apps provided by both. This includes Music Paradise’s second app, Music Paradise Player, and all apps offered by Groove Vibes.

Apparently, some of the apps Groove Vibes offer worked as expected, with users in the menu bar.[終了]I was able to close the app using options and the Command + Q keyboard shortcut.However, some of the developers’ other apps and music are Paradise’s music player app, which has the same functionality as My Metronome, with a menu bar and hotkeys.[終了]Disable the option to prevent users from forcing the app to quit.However, the user is in the app window[X]You can close the app using a button or other in-app link.

None of the above apps will be considered real ransomware as they will not completely lock down your machine. But they’re incredibly dark about how they work, so Apple needs to expose these developers before fixing this and regaining people’s trust in the Mac App Store. .. Apple hasn’t commented on the latest controversy yet, but it’s interesting to see what it says about online scams. Match The App Store is open to the public.

Source: Costa Eleftheriou / Twitter, Edoardo Vacchi / Twitter, Jeff Johnson / Twitteranger

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Beware Of These Scam Apps On The Mac

Following Eleftheriou’s investigation, developer Jeff Johnson also looked into the issue and found that the developer behind My Metronome, Music Paradise LLC, has a Russian address. What’s more, another Mac developer called Groove Vibes is registered at the same address and also offers apps with similar questionable credentials. Once a connection was established between the two sketchy developers, The Verge conducted an experiment by downloading and installing the apps offered by both of them. That included Music Paradise’s second app ‘Music Paradise Player’ as well as all apps offered by Groove Vibes.
As it turned out, some of the apps offered by Groove Vibes worked as expected, allowing users to close them using the ‘Quit’ option from the menu bar, as well as through the Command+Q keyboard shortcut. However, a few of the other apps from the developer and Music Paradise’s music player app showed the same properties as My Metronome, greying out the ‘Quit’ option on the menu bar and disabling the keyboard shortcuts to stop users from force closing the apps. However, users could still close the apps using either an ‘X’ button on the app window or other in-app links.
None of the apps mentioned above qualify as genuine ransomware because they do not lock up the machine entirely. However, they are incredibly shady in how they operate, and Apple needs to address this situation and reprimand these developers so that it can restore people’s faith in the Mac App Store. Apple has yet to release a statement on the latest controversy, but it will be interesting to see what it has to say about the scams being run on the Mac App Store in broad daylight.
Source: Kosta Eleftheriou/Twitter, Edoardo Vacchi/Twitter, Jeff Johnson/Twitter, The Verge

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