BOTW’s Best Amiibo Isn’t Even From The Game

Those who purchased WolfLink Amiibo exclusively Breath of the wild He will be disappointed to see his companion have only three hearts. Nintendo unnecessarily complicates this feature, requiring players to transfer data. Twilight Princess hd Get Wolflinks with maximum health. First, 20 hearts (10 less than the maximum number of heart cups inside) bed) Must be earned Twilight Princess hdPlayers need to approach the end of the game. After that, the player must complete Shadows Cave without taking any damage. The game then prompts the player to save the Amiibo data and return 20 transferable hearts to WolfLink. bed..

Those who can afford it can buy a second-hand 20-core Amiibo WolfLink or use a third-party product to emulate the figure’s near-field communication signal, but it’s much better for Nintendo to handle this content less. Probably. complicated. .. It’s a very new and fun idea that Nintendo didn’t bother to repeat one of them for some reason. Breath of the wild amibo series.Wolflink continues Breath of the wild Fresh has proven to keep gamers busy for dozens of hours by adding new dynamics to the game, but this is the first time. Zelda There is no Amiibo made by Nintendo. All of the following are not very interesting. Breath of the wildIt only gives players an almost random assortment.

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BOTW’s Best Amiibo Isn’t Even From The Game

Anyone who purchases a Wolf Link Amiibo to exclusively use in Breath of the Wild will be disappointed to find their companion only has three hearts. Nintendo has made this feature unnecessarily convoluted, requiring players to transfer data from Twilight Princess HD in order to get a Wolf Link with maximum health. First, all 20 hearts (10 less than the maximum number of Heart Containers in BOTW) will have to be earned in Twilight Princess HD, which requires players to reach nearly the end of the game. Players will then have to complete the Cave of Shadows without taking any damage, whereupon the game will prompt the player to save their Amiibo data, making all 20 hearts transferable to Wolf Link in BOTW.
While those with the means could purchase a second-hand, 20-heart Wolf Link Amiibo or use third party products to spoof the figurine’s near field communication signal, it would be much better if Nintendo had simply made it less complicated to engage with such content. It’s such a novel and fun idea that Nintendo for some reason didn’t bother to iterate on with any of the Breath of the Wild series Amiibo. Wolf Link keeps Breath of the Wild fresh, adding a new dynamic to gameplay that has already proved to keep players engaged for dozens of hours, yet it’s the first Zelda Amiibo Nintendo ever made. All those that followed are not nearly as interesting in Breath of the Wild, just giving the player a mostly random assortment of items.

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