Carol’s Walking Dead Spinoff Exit Hints At A Major Story Detail

Maybe you will find the answer The Walking Dead: World Beyond – Specifically, the post-credit scene of the Season 2 Finale at an abandoned laboratory in France. Scientists arrive and Dr. opens an old video message from Jenner (“walking Dead” A CDC scientist in Season 1), who was executed by a survivor who claimed to be the cause of the zombie outbreak by a doctor in the lab. While Jenner’s video talks about zombie “variants,” the scientist’s corpse revives, but instead of roaming slowly like a normal pedestrian, short Knock on the lab door violently. Is it Darryl? And Carol The European framework for spin-offs is very important. The Walking Dead: World BeyondThe French lab, the origin of the epidemic, and these terrifying zombie varieties?

This certainly explains why (and how) Darryl first went to Europe.Finding transatlantic flights is not easy “walking Dead”And Darryl showed little interest in traveling. However, if survivors find out where the virus came from, they may tend to investigate.Rick Grimes should be back “walking Dead” In the final episode of Season 11, we’ll reveal everything we’ve learned about viruses, CRM, and fast-moving zombies, and send friends to missions around the world, including taking Darryl to Europe and Negan and Maggie to New York. ..

Darryl’s walking dead Related by-products The Walking Dead: World BeyondPostcredits also reveals strange details from AMC’s official announcement confirming the departure of Melissa McBride.Quotes mention walking dead The spin-off will take place in “Europe”. This is a pretty vague geographic statement-a little “from USA“Europe covers the entire continent and has different countries and cultures, from London to Lisbon, Munich to Milan, Prague to Paris. AMC’s deliberately ambiguous expressions can be deliberate. Yes, because the specific mention of France is only to confirm the fallout. The Walking Dead: World Beyond connection.

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Carol’s Walking Dead Spinoff Exit Hints At A Major Story Detail

An answer can perhaps be found in Walking Dead: World Beyond – specifically, the season 2 finale’s post-credits scene, which takes place at an abandoned laboratory in France. A scientist arrives and boots up an old video message from Dr. Jenner (The Walking Dead season 1’s CDC scientist), but she’s executed by a survivor who claims doctors from this very lab were responsible for the zombie outbreak. As Jenner’s video mentions zombie “variants,” the scientist’s corpse reanimates, but instead of shuffling around slowly like a normal walker, it runs toward the lab door and bangs fiercely. Is the Daryl and Carol spinoff’s European setting so crucial because the story connects to Walking Dead: World Beyond‘s French lab, the outbreak’s origin, and these formidable zombie variants?
That’d certainly explain why (and how) Daryl travels to Europe in the first place. Transatlantic flights aren’t easy to come by in The Walking Dead, and Daryl has shown precious little interest in sightseeing. But if the survivors learn where this virus came from, they might be inclined to investigate. It’s possible Rick Grimes returns in The Walking Dead season 11’s final episodes, reveals everything he learned about the virus, the CRM, and fast zombies, then sends his friends on missions across the world – Daryl to Europe, Negan and Maggie to New York, and so forth.
Daryl’s Walking Dead spinoff connecting to Walking Dead: World Beyond‘s post-credits would also explain an odd detail from AMC’s official announcement confirming Melissa McBride’s departure. The quote mentions the Walking Dead spinoff will be set in “Europe.” That’s a rather vague geographical statement – a bit like someone saying they’re “from America.” Europe covers an entire continent, with an eclectic range of countries and cultures, from London to Lisbon, Munich to Milan, Prague to… Paris. AMC’s intentionally vague wording might’ve been intentional, because specifically mentioning France would all but confirm the spinoff’s Walking Dead: World Beyond links.

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