Darkseid vs Anti-Monitor: Which DC Villain Has Killed the Most People?

Indeed, this blog entry focuses on crisis events and does not consider other events that may increase the number of dark sides. After all, he is the conqueror who shattered many civilizations at his feet. Not only that, his power spans the Multiverse, giving him as much reach as Anti-Monitor. He may be free to crave for universal conquest, but there is no doubt that he has far more body numbers than DC villains like the Joker and Lex Luthor.

Unfortunately, there is absolutely no way Anti-Monitor can match the level of destruction. The villain definitely killed the entire universe inhabited by countless creatures. Anti-Monitor can destroy a single world that helps contain the dark side, but “Infinite infinityPuts it at a level that goes against belief. The truth is, Body Count doesn’t reflect a miserable genocide like Anti-Monitor, because the dark side represents obedience, not destruction.When it comes to disappearing DC Universe, darkness Can’t compete with this Anti monitor..

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Darkseid vs Anti-Monitor: Which DC Villain Has Killed the Most People?

Granted, this blog entry is centered around Crisis events and doesn’t take into account other events that may bolster Darkseid’s numbers. After all, he’s a conqueror who has crushed a number of civilizations under his heel. Not only that, his forces extend all across the multiverse, giving him just as far a range as the Anti-Monitor. He may desire universal subjugation to his will, but there’s no doubt that he’s got a body count that exceeds DC villains like Joker or Lex Luthor.
Unfortunately, there’s just absolutely no way he can compete with the Anti-Monitor’s level of devastation. The villain permanently killed off entire universes with an untold number of sentient beings residing in them. There’s a chance destroying just one world would have helped the Anti-Monitor eclipse Darkseid, but dispatching with “countless infinities” puts him on a level that defies comprehension. The truth is Darkseid represents subjugation rather than destruction and, as such, his body count isn’t going to reflect abject slaughter like the Anti-Monitor’s. When it comes to annihilation in the DC Universe, Darkseid just can’t compete with the Anti-Monitor.
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