Deadpool Is Unlocking the Next Level of Comic Awareness: Changing Reality

Frankly, all of Wade’s remarks, such as the horror of Captain America’s dentists and the ability to defeat the Hulk of Deadpool, are ridiculously untrue. But Deadpool certainly wants to think that the Marvel Universe has power in the reality of comic books because of his meta-consciousness. If so, it will certainly be a wild series in which the 616 is helplessly distorted in the reality of Wade’s dreams, and chimpanzees and Wolverines return the love of Deadpool and the desire to be best friends. (In fact, it doesn’t sound that bad after all).

In any case, Deadpool seems to have a chance to prove himself, as his partnership with Logan continues with future issues. It’s probably best that Deadpool couldn’t really change the reality, but it’s undeniable that the Marvel Universe is just as interesting and irreverent as Merck.At least hope here dead pool His dream of joining Cracoa comes true as a Marvel comic. Wolverine Please continue.

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Deadpool Is Unlocking the Next Level of Comic Awareness: Changing Reality

Clearly, all of Wade’s proclamations such as Captain America’s fear of dentists and Deadpool’s ability to beat the Hulk are hilariously false. However, Deadpool would certainly like to think he has power over the comic book reality of the Marvel Universe itself due to his meta-awareness. Were that the case, it would certainly make for a wild series where the 616 would become helplessly warped into Wade’s dream reality, one that would undoubtedly be filled with chimichangas and Wolverine reciprocating Deadpool’s love and desire to be best buddies. (Actually, that doesn’t sound all that bad).
In any case, it seems as though Deadpool will have his chance to prove himself as his partnership with Logan continues in future issues. While it’s probably for the best that Deadpool can’t really change reality, there’s no denying that the Marvel Universe would be a lot funnier, becoming as irreverent as the Merc with the Mouth himself. At the very least, here’s to hoping Deadpool’s dream of joining Krakoa will become a reality as Marvel Comics’ Wolverine continues.

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