Elden Ring Caria Manor Secrets (As Told By A Lowly Tarnished)

Ascalon was surrounded by enemies in a complex of abandoned buildings within the Liurnia Of The Lakes. On the right, a hungry wolf is crawling through crumbling walls and bushes. From behind, the noble withered mage attacked it with a faint, but persistent, glittering stone, flashing from place to place like crazy. Teleport? Illusion?

Ascaron roared and shook his newly acquired weapon, a longsword with a dark blue luminescent stone on its handle. The timid and timid wizard mouse flashed again! Ascaron’s sword hit the wall …

… And dispelled the illusion of woven light.

Ascaron passed through a newly discovered arch and occupied a nearby land of lost grace, a legacy of the shattered Elden Ring. After fixing his presence on the ground, the astrologer sighed with relief and stood up to scan around him. To the north, crumbling gray stones, overgrown vines, and fortified mansions of crystal vegetation cling to the edge of a jagged cliff. Across the road to his left, there is a huge anvil and a huge hollow chest troll sitting next to a huge hammer, slowly squeezing pages of a book large enough to fit in his big hand. I’m flipping over.

“Good. Be careful. There aren’t many visitors.” A deep and gentle voice echoed from behind the helmet in the mirror of the giant, and he, he, looked up from the book and was cautious. I glanced at the Sparkle Stone, a witch who wields a wand with curiosity. What brings you here? “

Ascaron may have reacted in several different ways. A cliché about calling Elden Ring like any other Blackened. A more honest answer to his work on pre-golden civilization of the land in between. Instead, Ascaron gestured to the blacksmith’s book with his hands. “Is this a good reading?” He asked.

“Hmm?” The giant closed his book and stared at the cover for a moment of silence. “That’s right. I think so, but when is it?”

In the northwest handling‘Liurnia, Lake District, just south of Kalia’s estate, handling Players will initially encounter a giant blacksmith who calls himself “Blacksmith Iji”.Iji’s physique is the same as a roaming faded troll enemy handlingIt’s an open world, but its behavior is much more intelligent, the Gloomy Ironstones inventory is useful for players looking to upgrade their weapons, and there’s plenty of information to offer about the CarianRoyalFamily.

Iji introduces himself as a blacksmith who once served the Kalia royal family and warns players who are about to visit the mini-dungeon of Kalia’s house. In Iji’s own words:The Knights of the Cuckoo landed on this road when the Rayarkaria Academy attacked the Carians. […] The Carians were surprised, but their power did not diminish, and they repelled the knight’s attack by setting up a magical trap that remained strong to this day.

The “trap” that Iji points to is a barrage of magical arrows that fall from the sky to players who are too close to the mansion.Carefully put a small zigzag on your back handlingTorrent’s Ghost Horse can take players to the Land of Lost Grace, directly opposite the entrance to Caria Manor, a place full of useful treasures. handling Wizards are built with a series of magical beasts that are out of control and difficult to fight.

The Kalia Mansion area of ​​Elden Ring is full of magical traps and “convenient” enemies.

After suffocating several times with a giant hand protruding from the ground, Ascaron carefully walks through the foggy courtyard of Kalia Manor, scanning around the gray fingernails and gray fingertips protruding from the ground. I learned. .. Did the reptile’s hand create the true giant’s hand, revived by twisted magic that even selenium would avoid? Or were they the hands of a fallen wizard, expanding and swollen after being buried in the grass for centuries? Both possibilities seemed impossible to Ascaron, but the young astrologer could not deny the presence or lethality of a spider-like hand.

It was a long climb to the rooms and corridors of Kalia’s house, almost every square inch of which was magically reinforced to thwart invading troops. In the worst case, a ghost soldier appeared behind Ascaron. Stone pointed to a dagger that released pieces of Brillstone when stabbed. There were more of those crawling hands.

Astrologer Ascaron crawls past a troll knight and a mage and page mate adorned with a glowstone crown, he has a round reflective pool in the middle and a courtyard surrounded by throne-like chairs on all sides. I noticed that I was in. A place where Kalia’s shining stone magicians gather? No, Ascaron thought. It was a wonderful place to cast magic-the reflective pool was probably an elaborate mirror for participating in fortune-telling and calling acts.

Ascaron was ready when the mounted ghost knight emerged from the sea-he summoned a ghost wolf in a ring from the Spirit Summoner Bell, then pulled out staff and cultivated stones from the ground with a purple voice. Did. gravity…

Kalia Mansion is not the best handlingLegacy dungeon, but certainly full of treasures for many dangers and discerning people handling actor. Careful exploration of the rooftops and sidewalks of the mansion will give players a shield with an ice emblem, a whip sword called Urumi, a legendary night and fire sword, and a fire and fire spell. handling A character build that invests in both intelligence and face traits. The Carian Piercing enchantment on one rooftop (dropped from a beetle in the courtyard) and the Carian Great War Ash on one rooftop have added a new melee option to the Glintstone Mage PC, and Royal Knight Loretta has defeated the mini boss. handling Gives players a war ash called “Loretta’s Slash” for polearms and a powerful long-range spell called “Loretta’s Bow”.

After defeating Royal Night Loretta, players can access the Three Sisters area behind the Kalia Mansion and unlock a brand new story pass within it. handling Based on the decisions they made.

Elden Ring’s baby witch and puppeteer lie across Kalia’s mansion

“Y-you! I, uh, I’m sorry, your honor … I apologize for committing any crime. I’m Pidia. A servant of the Kalia royal family. I’m these terrible babies. Assigned to take care of.

The tall, pale servant made a weak gesture to the body around him – the soldiers wielding a large shield and spear faced a half-fallen, frozen tormented smile on the ground. When Ascaron examined their characteristics, he noticed a mysterious similarity between their physique and the shape of the Ghost Soldier he fought during ascension.

“How did you make these dolls?” Ascaron finally asked. “They are very realistic.”

Pidia’s candle face twisted into a sick and embarrassing smile. “Who talked about making it your cult?

A wave of nausea struck Ascaron, instantly recognizing the implicit meaning of Pidia’s reaction. Captive and magically tied up, Raya Lucaria’s infantry used their paralyzed body as a catalyst to create a permanent horde of ghostly slaves …

… Or maybe he read too much of Pidia’s comments. By Queen Marika and Elden Ring, she wanted to read a lot.

In the field behind the Kalia Mansion, astrologer Ascaron passed by a dragon roaming the crystal field, climbed the stairs of a tower full of books, and then met another doll. More precisely, they found the doll they encountered the day before.

“Hey. Our roads cross again.” Under the brim of his big hat, a ghostly face and a porcelain face gave Ascaron a slight but sly smile. “I think I said my name was Lena the last time I met. I’m glad to see Trent round and warm … but Terni, what are you doing here? Invitations I don’t remember signing. “

Something came to his mind when Ascaron met the eyes of the Snow Witch. “… So Lena is not your real name. And you talked about two fingers with such contempt when we last met. They made the Raya Lucaria scholar your family. Or was it anger at the Golden Order due to various circumstances? “He raised his hand. “Don’t get me wrong. I don’t consider myself a golden order fundamentalist. All I’m looking for is the truth of this world and why it’s so worn out. is.”

A snow witch named Lena studied the cold and fierce face of Ascaron. Ascaron saw a kind of tension coming from the doll’s body, so something must have been pleased about the astrologer’s face. “It’s interesting,” he finally said. “Fate may have taken you to this conference.” One of the four hands of the Snow Witch reached out to a young astrologer. “Do you serve me? I’m Lani the witch. I stole death long ago, and now I look for a dark road. So someday I’ll turn them all upside down and before You can save the world from what happened … “

After leaving the boss room of Royal Night Loretta, the player handling He can turn left, cross the edge of the cliff, down a series of roofs and wooden shelves, and reach a merchant named Pidia, who sells useful cookbooks, weapons, ashes of war, and more. However, the greatest treasure of the Three Sisters Kingdom is the reunion with Lani, the snow witch of the baby’s body, in the early game area of ​​Limurab. This gives players access to revival. The characteristics of the player’s dialogue with Ranni depend on whether the player is talking to BlaiddtheHalf-Wolf or RogiertheSorcerer.

But overall, Lani is free to admit two truths. First, he steals the Rune of Death and organizes the Night of the Black Blade, admitting that it led to the death of Golden Godwin and the other demigods. handling.. The latter invites players to take part in a quest to overthrow the golden order and herald the arrival of a new era.if handling Player characters greatly accept Lanny’s offer, the story arc of change they play, to say the least.

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Elden Ring Caria Manor Secrets (As Told By A Lowly Tarnished)

In a ruined building complex within Liurnia Of The Lakes, Ascalon was surrounded by enemies. To the right, hungry wolves that wove and crept through the crumbling walls and underbrush. From behind, withered noble sorcerers bombarded him with weak but persistent glintstone projectiles, blinking from place to place through some infuriating trick. Teleporting? Illusion?
Ascalon snarled and swung his newly acquired weapon, an ornate longsword with deep blue glintstones embedded in the hilt. The blasted, cowardly, rat of a half-baked sorcerer blinked away yet again! Ascalon’s blade struck the wall…
…and dispelled the illusion of woven light.
 Scrambling through the newly revealed archway, Ascalon laid hands on the nearby Site of Lost Grace, legacy of the shattered Elden Ring. After anchoring his existence to the land, the Astrologer let out a sigh of relief and rose to scan his surroundings. Northward, a walled manor of crumbling grey stone, overgrown vines, and crystal growths clung to the side of a jagged cliff. Just across the road to his left, a giant with the hollow-chest physique of a troll sat by a large anvil and colossal hammer, slowly flipping through the pages of a book sized to fit his massive hands.
“Well. Look at you. We don’t receive many visitors.” A deep, but gentle voice echoed from the depths of the giant’s mirror helm. It – or he, rather – lifted his gaze from his book and starred down at the staff-wielding Glintstone Sorcerer with a cautious curiosity. “I presume you are a Tarnished. What brings you here?”

Ascalon could have answered in a number of different ways. Platitudes about seeking the Elden Ring like all the other Tarnished. A more honest answer about his investigations into the pre-Golden Order civilizations of the Lands Between. Instead, Ascalon pointed at the book in the smithing giant’s hand. “Is it a good read?” He asked.
“Hmm?” The giant snapped his book shut and regarded its front cover for a span of silence. “Well, yes. I suppose it is, at that.”

In a northwest location of Elden Ring‘s Liurnia of the Lakes region, just south of Caria Manor, Elden Ring players will encounter a giant blacksmith who initially identifies himself as “Smithing Master Iji.” Iji’s physique is identical to the withered troll enemies who wander Elden Ring‘s open world, but his demeanor is far more intellectual, his inventory of Somber Smithing Stones is useful for players trying to upgrade their weapons, and the lore he provides about the Carian Royal Family is plentiful.
Iji introduces himself as a blacksmith who once served the Carian royals, then shares a grim warning to players who intend to proceed onwards towards the Caria Manor mini-dungeon. In Iji’s own words: “When the Raya Lucaria Academy turned on the Carians, the Knights of the Cuckoo descended on this tract. […] The Carians were taken off guard, but their strength had not waned, and they repelled the knights’ onslaught by conjuring an enchanted snare that remains potent to this day.” 
The “snare” Iji mentions is a barrage of magical arrows, raining down from the sky onto players who draw too close to the manor. With some careful zig-zagging while mounted on the back of Elden Ring‘s spectral steed Torrent, players can get to the Site of Lost Grace right in front of Caria’s Manor entrance, a place filled with useful treasures for Elden Ring Sorcerer builds, along with a series of magical monsters that have grown out of hand and can be problematic to face.
Elden Ring’s Caria Manor Area Is Overrun With Magical Traps And “Hands-On” Enemies

After being crushed to death a few times by enormous hands that erupted from the ground, Ascalon had learned to tread cautiously through the mist-veiled courtyard of Caria Manor, scanning his surroundings for any grey nails or grey finger-tips poking up through the soil. Were the scurrying hand-creatures the hands of actual giants, animated though twisted Sorcery even Sellen would shy from? Or were they the hands of fallen sorcerers, grown large and bloated from ages buried in sod? Both possibilities felt impossible to Ascalon’s mind, but the young Astrologer couldn’t deny the existence or lethality of the spider-like hands.

It was a long ascent up the chambers and walkways of Caria Manor, nearly every inch of it magically fortified to hinder invading armies. There were ghostly soldiers who materialized behind Ascalon’s back at the worst moments. There were daggers driven point-first into the stone that unleashed Glintstone blasts when jostled. There were more of those accursed crawling hands.
After creeping past a Troll Knight and his Glintstone Crown-adorned coterie of sorcerers and pages, Ascalon the Astrologer found himself in a courtyard with a round, reflecting pool in its center, surrounded on all sides by throne-like chairs. A place of assembly for the Glintstone Sorcerer of Caria? No, Ascalon thought. This was a place for working great feats of magic – the reflecting pool, quite likely, was an elaborate mirror for engaging in acts of divination or summoning.
When the ghostly knight on horseback rose up from the waters, Ascalon was well-prepared – calling forth ghostly wolves with a ring of his Spirit-Calling Bell, then pulling out his Staff and tearing stone from the ground with an invocation of purple-tinged gravity…

Caria Manor is not the largest of Elden Ring‘s Legacy Dungeons, but is certainly filled with many perils and several treasure for the keen-eyed Elden Ring player. Careful exploration of the Manor’s rooftops and walkways will reward players with an Ice Crest Shield, a whip-sword called the Urumi and the legendary Sword of Night And Flame, a fire and sorcery-shooting spell for Elden Ring character builds that invest in both the Intelligence and Faith attributes. The Carian Piercer spell (dropped from a Scarab Beetle in the courtyard), and the Carian Grandeur Ash of War on one of the rooftops add new melee options for Glintstone Sorcerer PCs, while defeating the Royal Knight Loretta mini-boss in Elden Ring will net the players a powerful, long-ranged spell called “Loretta’s Greatbow” along with an Ash of War for Polearms called “Loretta’s Slash.”
After overcoming Royal Knight Loretta, players gain access to the Three Sisters region behind Caria Manor, and may unlock a whole new story path in Elden Ring depending on the decisions they make.
Beyond Elden Ring’s Caria Manor Lie Doll Witches And Puppet Masters

“Y-you! I, er, sorry, your worship… I-I apologize for any offense given. I am Pidia. Servant to the Carian royal family. I am charged with maintaining these g-ghastly dolls.”
The hunched-over, pale-faced servant gestured feebly at the bodies around him – greatshield and spear-wielding soldiers in their prime, now half-crumbled on the ground, faces frozen tin a rictus of agony. When Ascalon examined their features, he noticed strange similarities between their physiques and the shapes of the ghostly soldiers he’d fought during his ascent. 
“How did you, erm, make these dolls?” Ascalon asked at last. “They’re quite lifelike.”
Pidia’s wax-wan face twisted into a sickly, sheepish grin. “Who s-said anything about making them, your worship?”
A wave of nausea swept over Ascalon as he glimpsed the implicit meaning of Pidia’s reply. Foot soldiers of Raya Lucaria, captured and bound with magic, their paralyzed bodies used as catalysts to generate a perpetual horde of ghostly slave soldiers…
…or perhaps he was reading too much into Pidia’s statements. By Queen Marika and the Elden Ring, he hoped he was reading too much into it.

In the field behind Caria Manor, after creeping past a dragon prowling through a field of crystals and ascending the steps of a book-filled tower, Ascalon the Astrologer encountered another puppet. Or rather, met once more with a puppet they’d encountered on a previous day.
“Oh. Again we cross paths.” The beneath the brim of her wide hat, a ghostly face and porcelain face offered Ascalon a slight, yet sly grin. “I believe I said my name was Renna, when last we met. It pleaseth me to see Torrent hale and hearty… but Tarnished, what business hast thou here? I have no memory of inking thee an invitation.”
As Ascalon met the gaze of the Snow Witch, something clicked into place within his mind. “…so Renna’s not your true name. And in our last meeting, you spoke of the Two Fingers with such disdain. Was it because they turned the scholars of Raya Lucaria against your family? Or was your ire against the Golden Order borne from different circumstances?” He held up his hands. “Make no mistake. I don’t consider myself a Golden Order fundamentalist. All I seek is the truth of this world, and why it came to be so tattered.”
The Snow Witch called Renna studied Ascalon’s face with a cool yet fierce intensity. Something in the Astrologer’s countenance must have been pleasing, for Ascalon saw a tension of sorts bleed out of their doll body’s frame. “Intriguing,” she said at last. “Mayhaps fate hath steered thee to this reunion.” One of the Snow Witch’s four hands stretched out towards the young Astrologer. “Wilt thou enter into my service? I am the witch Ranni. I stole Death long ago, and search now for the dark path. That I might one day upend the whole of it, and rid the world of all that came before…”

After exiting the boss room for Royal Knight Loretta, players of Elden Ring can turn left, ride along the cliff edge, and drop down a series of rooftops and wooden ledges to reach a merchant vendor called Pidia, who sells useful cookbooks, weapons, Ashes of War, and more. The biggest treasure of the Three Sisters region, however, is a reunion with Ranni, the doll-bodied Snow Witch who gave the player access to Spirit Summoning in the Limgrave area of the early game. The specifics of the player’s dialogue with Ranni change depending on whether the players have talked with Blaidd the Half-Wolf or Sorcerer Rogier.
In general, though, Ranni will freely confess two truths. First, she admits she stole the Rune of Death and orchestrated the Night of the Black Knives that led to the death of Godwyn the Golden and other Demigods of Elden Ring. Second, she invites the players to join in her quest to overthrow the Golden Order and bring about a new age. If an Elden Ring player character accepts Ranni’s offer, the narrative arc of their play-through changes significantly, to say the least.

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