Genshin Impact Lore: Tale of the Five Kasen

When Suiko presented the work of Five Kasen to the Shogun, people wondered why the page of Aoi’s Okina poetry was torn. On the eve of the surrender, Mizumitsu was drunk and vaguely remembered a mysterious person approaching. The character turned out to be Aoi’s Okina, who had to cut a page from her poem. He then passed the baton to the fifth individual, unaware of the true intentions of the fifth individual. Aoi’s Okina only knew that the torn page had something to do with Akahito. Genshin effectPossess Kazuha Kaedehara.

This poem chosen by Aoi Okina was a poem recorded by Sumizen. The fifth person requested this page because it was evidence that the Akahito was ambushed. Genshin effectThe national team Xingqiu is a role model of Aoi’s Okina, and actors Xingqiu and Scaramouche are wondering if they are old acquaintances. It is unknown how much Aoi’s Okina was pressured to do this unexpected act, but that the fifth Kasen used whatever it took to convince him to obey Aoi’s Okina. Means. The story ends here, the missing page appears out of nowhere, the whereabouts of the fifth Kasen are unknown, and Suikou feels guilty.

There are many mysteries around Genshin effect. Whether the story of “Five Bowls” is true is another question to consider. The story of the “Violet Garden Hue” event repeats itself as it is made up of five very familiar people exploring the mystery. Five Carsen’s current model is so perfect that it’s scary.Players guess new areas of Smel’s teasing Genshin effect 2.6, Genshin effect Teyvat surprises everyone at an event that brings together characters from around the world. Inazuma eventually opened only for them to get stuck in order to resolve the case surrounding Inazuma and his noble clan.

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Genshin Impact Lore: Tale of the Five Kasen

When Suikou presented the Five Kasen’s works for the Shogun, he was questioned why a page from one of Aoi no Okina’s poem was torn out. On the night before the submission, Suikou was intoxicated and only vaguely remembered a mysterious figure approaching him. The figure was revealed to be Aoi no Okina, who was forced to rip out a page of his own poetry. He then handed it over to the fifth individual, oblivious to the fifth individual’s true intentions. Aoi no Okina was only aware that the ripped page had something to do with Akahito, modeled after Genshin Impact‘s very own Kaedehara Kazuha.
This poem that Aoi no Okina ripped out was the one which he recorded Sumizome’s doing. The fifth individual wanted this page because it was evidence that Akahito was framed. Genshin Impact‘s National Team member, Xingqiu, is the model for Aoi no Okina, and players are left wondering whether Xingqiu and Scaramouche were former acquaintances. How far Aoi no Okina was pushed into committing this unthinkable act is unknown, but it is implied that the fifth Kasen used whatever means were necessary to convince Aoi no Okina to obey. The story ends there, in which the missing page is nowhere to be seen, the fifth Kasen’s whereabouts unknown, and Suikou is left feeling guilty.
There are so many mysteries surrounding Genshin Impact. The question of whether “The Five Kasen” story is real is also something to consider. History repeats itself as the storyline of the “Hues of Violet Garden” event consists of another five very familiar individuals investigating a mystery. The present-day models for the Five Kasen are so perfect that it’s eerie. As players anticipate the new Sumeru region teased in Genshin Impact 2.6, Genshin Impact surprises everyone with an event that unites characters from around Teyvat. Inazuma has finally opened its doors only for them to be stuck unraveling a case surrounding Inazuma and its noble clans.

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