Genshin Impact: Where to Find The Two Keys In Heavenly Stone’s Debris

To find the first key, the player must use the teleport point north of the underground waterway. The key is hidden on a water purifier in front of the Treasure Hoder Campground. Players need to upgrade the Lumenstone Adjuvant Gadget to at least two levels as they need to get rid of the powerful black sludge that surrounds the device. When you clear the dark mud, the pot will be displayed. Defeating it reveals research points that reward players with Safety Key # 1 in the “Heaven Stone Debris” quest. Genshin effect..

Genshin Effect: Heavenly Stone Debris Depot Security Key. 2 places

The second key to “Heavenly Stone Wreck” is. Genshin effectBlack mud appears on the way. Players will need to use the same teleport waypoints as before, but will continue to hover northeast until they reach the bottom of the cave. It will be a bridge protected by exuding concrete. Players must join the Treasure Hoarders group from the left side of the bridge. At the end of the footprint track, there is a pickaxe point that creates an explosive geobarrel. Destroying the barrel gives the player a safety key number. This will generate a study point that gives a 2.

In addition, the player can enter the right turn passage of the tent to initiate the “move up” action. This leads to a cage area with deluxe chests and levers. When you open the door with leverage, the player will be one of the following: Genshin effectThe secret achievement of “All you need is a tree and a small amount of vinegar …” With two keys, players can continue to explore The Chasm. Genshin effect..

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Genshin Impact: Where to Find The Two Keys In Heavenly Stone’s Debris

To find the first key, players should take the Teleport Waypoint north of the Underground Waterway. The key will be hidden on top of a water-filtration device opposite a Treasure Hoarder campsite. Players should be sure to have upgraded the Lumenstone Adjuvant gadget to at least level two, as it will be needed to remove the powerful Dark Mud surrounding the device. After clearing the Dark Mud, a pot will appear on top. Breaking it will reveal an Investigation spot that awards players Security Key No. 1 for the “Heavenly Stone’s Debris” quest in Genshin Impact.
Genshin Impact: Heavenly Stone’s Debris Storehouse Security Key No. 2 Location

As for the second key in “Heavenly Stone’s Debris,” Genshin Impact’s Dark Mud will appear along the way. Players should use the same Teleport Waypoint previously, though they should continue to glide northeast until reaching the dip of the cavern. There will be a bridge guarded by Oozing Concretions. Players will need to glide from the left side of the bridge to the group of Treasure Hoarders. There will be a Dig spot at the end of the footstep trail, which spawns an explosive Geo barrel. Destroying the barrel will reveal an Investigation spot that gives players Security Key No. 2.
Additionally, players can enter the swirling passage to the right of the tent, which prompts the action “Move Up.” Doing so will lead to a caged area with a Luxurious Chest and a lever. Opening the gate with the lever will grant players one of Genshin Impact’s hidden Achievements: “All We Need Is Some Firewood and Some Vinegar…” With the two keys in tow, players will be able to continue their exploration of The Chasm in Genshin Impact.

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