How The MCU Changed Moon Knight’s Origin

Moon Knight joined the world of Marvel Comics as a full-fledged superhero in 1975, so his origins weren’t really discovered until the first solo comic series in 1980. The comic revealed that Mark Specter was Moon Knight when he was a mercenary. He was on a mission in Egypt working as a Bushman mercenary, but Mark began to oppose his murderous method. As a result, Mark betrayed Raul Bushman and tried to save some of the natives. But Bushman followed him and killed a famous archaeologist. Bushman shot him and killed him when Mark turned his ex-boss back on to protect his archaeologist’s daughter, Marlene. In his final attempt to save Mark, his body was taken to the tomb of Cons, the god of the moon in Egypt.

Mark Specter was physically dead when he arrived at Cons’s tomb, but the Egyptian moon god intervened in nature and brought him back to life. This happened in a very special situation, as Mark was the host of Cons and was tasked with revenge on his behalf. Since then, comics have been going back and forth as to whether these events actually happened. Depending on the comics and creative team, Moon Knight and other identities may completely believe that they serve the Egyptian god, but wondering if it’s all in their heads. There is also.

How the MCU changes the origin of Mark’s Moon Knight

The process by which Mark Specter became a superhero is similar to the cartoon, but the circumstances surrounding the origin of MCU Moon Knight are different. Marvel defended Mark’s past as a mercenary working for his former commander, Bushman, on a night when his life changed. He started this lifestyle after retiring from the army due to a runaway escape, leaving many career options. Moon knight They were found to have been sent to attack an archaeological excavation site run by Leila’s father, but Bushman began killing witnesses. Mark tried to save the people on earth, not kill them. Mark Specter enters the Cons Temple after Bushman shoots him and kills the people he was trying to save. When Mark is about to commit suicide, Cons speaks to him and offers to heal him as long as Mark has a punch of revenge.

Even before Mark Specter became Moon Knight, the MCU jumped into its origins. Moon knight Chapter 5, Exploring His Traumatic Childhood and the Beginning of His DID. On the MCU, Mark’s childhood makes a traumatic turn after the death of his brother, whose mother resents him. This leads to the physical and emotional abuse of the young Mark created by Steven Grant’s persona. In the comics, Mark’s mother is not violent and his adult parent is his father. Nor was the death of his brother a traumatic event leading to Mark Specter’s dissociative identity disorder. Instead, it was about fighting and killing a friend of his family, a Jewish Nazi fugitive and serial killer.

Changes in the origin of Moon Knight make comic book villains impossible

The MCU change to the origin of Moon Knight also saves the unlikely comic book villain from the confrontation with Oscar Isaac’s Marvel superhero. The big change to note here is that Mark’s younger brother Randall died as a child. Randall dies in the cartoon, but this doesn’t happen until he grows up and transforms into the villain Shadow Knight. Randall got worse after working with Mark at the CIA to kill his girlfriend, but later encountered Mark again as a mercenary. Mark Specter and his brother fought many times in the cartoon, and Moon Knight eventually killed Shadow Knight. also, Moon knight Episode 5 now makes it impossible, instead of his brother dying as a child.

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How The MCU Changed Moon Knight’s Origin

Moon Knight joined the Marvel Comics universe in 1975 as a fully formed superhero, so it wasn’t until his first solo comic series in 1980 that his origin was really explored. The comics revealed that Marc Spector became Moon Knight during his days as a mercenary. He was on a mission in Egypt working as a gun for hire for Bushman, but Marc began to disagree with his lethal methods. This led Marc to betray Raul Bushman and try to save some of the locals. However, Bushman followed him and ended up killing a famous archeologist. When Marc once again opposed his former boss to protect the archeologist’s daughter, Marlene, Bushman shot him and left him for dead. In a last-ditch attempt to try and save Marc, his body was taken to the tomb of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu.
Although Marc Spector was physically dead by the time he got to Khonshu’s tomb, the Egyptian moon god interfered with the natural world and brought him back to life. This came with a very specific condition, though, as Marc became Khonshu’s host and is tasked with delivering vengeance on his behalf. The comics have since continued to go back and forth about whether or not these events actually transpired. Depending on the comic run and creative team, Moon Knight and his other identities might fully believe they serve an Egyptian god, but there are other times when they question whether this is all in their head.
How The MCU Changes Marc’s Moon Knight Origin

The way that Marc Spector becomes a superhero is similar to the comics, but some of the circumstances around his MCU Moon Knight origin differ. Marvel retained Marc’s past as a mercenary who was working for his old commanding officer, Bushman, on the night that his life was changed. He began this lifestyle after getting discharged from the military due to him going AWOL during a fugue state, which didn’t leave him with many career options. Moon Knight revealed that they were sent to raid an archeological dig site that Layla’s father was leading, but Bushman started killing the witnesses. Marc tried to save the people at the site instead of killing them. After Bushman shoots him and kills the people he tried to save, Marc Spector crawls into Khonshu’s temple. Just as Marc is about to take his own life, Khonshu speaks to him and offers to heal him as long as Marc becomes his fist of vengeance.
Even before Marc Spector becomes Moon Knight, the MCU also dove into his origin in Moon Knight episode 5 by exploring his traumatic childhood and the beginning of his DID. In the MCU, Marc’s childhood takes a traumatic turn after the death of his brother, which his mother blames him for. This leads to her physically and emotionally abusing a young Marc, which is when his Steven Grant personality is created. In the comics, Marc’s mother is not abusive and the parent he grows up to resent is his father. The traumatic event that led to Marc Spector’s dissociative identity disorder was not the death of his brother, either. Instead, it was instead fighting and killing a family friend who was secretly a Nazi deserter and serial killer of Jewsish people.
Moon Knight’s Origins Change Makes A Comics Villain Impossible

The MCU’s changes to Moon Knight’s origin also eliminate one potential comic book villain from facing off with Oscar Isaac’s Marvel superhero. The important change to note here is the death of Marc’s younger brother, Randall, as a kid. Although Randall does die in the comics, it is only after he is an adult and transforms himself into the villainous Shadowknight. Randall makes a villainous turn after working with Marc in the CIA and killing his girlfriend, but he then encounters Marc again as a mercenary. Marc Spector and his brother fight several times in the comics, with Moon Knight ultimately killing Shadowknight. However, Moon Knight episode 5 makes that impossible now with his brother instead dying when they were kids.

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