How to make the most of FIFA 22 PS Plus access

FIFA 22PS Plus. Yes, these four magic words confirm that FIFA 22 is free for Sony’s monthly gaming service subscribers for a limited time. There are two other games available for download and Nada from May 3rd: The Curse of the Dead God and the Tribe of Midgard. After successfully receiving your FIFA 22 PS Plus offer, are you wondering where to start? Get your coverage here with GR.

FIFA 22PS Plus Career Mode Option

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First, we need a FIFA 22 tip that outlines seven important things you need to know before playing. There are quite a few Ultimate Teams out there, but there are also some useful tips for general gameplay and career modes. Oh, that’s right. EA’s standard management services have been significantly improved this year, with options such as creating your own club to play in your chosen league. For more information, see FIFA 22 Career Mode or the FIFA 22 Best Young Player Guide.

Player tactics and knowledge also work, right? Don’t worry, they are also covered in detail. Take a closer look at the FIFA 22 Training Guide and pour Pep Guardiola Juice. You need a list of the best FIFA 22 players and the best FIFA 22 teams as it is imprinted in your memory. At least pretend to be surprised.

Yes, they are the basics covered. Now for something more fun. Are you planning to unleash the fantasy of Jack Grelias every night? Keep them clean and see GR’s guide on FIFA 22 skill movements in your browser. When you reach your goal, press the pause button to shatter some of your FIFA 22 celebrations. Need a real bunker leader instead of a regular avatar? Next, we need a list of real FIFA 22 managers.

Access FUT with FIFA 22PS Plus

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Let’s face it, you will eventually give the ultimate team a shot. Don’t spend real money when doing this. Instead, you can use the FIFA 22 Coin Guide to mula in-game. The FIFA 22 Meta is also worth a look. The FIFA 22 TOTS (Team of the Season) in-game campaign, which is sure to be the focus of the summer, is going fast and fierce. It’s also worth knowing the FIFA 22 icons and FIFA 22 heroes. With prices going down as players watch FIFA 23, there’s plenty of room to build a great oldies dream team.

Want to focus on the big kids to show off at this year’s World Cup? Next, pay attention to the FIFA 22 Future Star List. Make sure you look good when you are on the digital turf. All you need is the best FIFA 22 kit with a focus on style.

Are you playing all season and still looking for the best cards? Next, you need the latest FIFA 22 RTTF guide.

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How to make the most of FIFA 22 PS Plus access

FIFA 22 PS Plus. Yep, those four magic words confirm that for a limited time, FIFA 22 is free for subscribers to Sony’s monthly gaming service. It’s available for download from May 3, and there are two other titles to nab for nada too: Curse of the Dead Gods, and Tribes of Midgard. Wondering where to start after successfully taking up the FIFA 22 PS Plus offer? Here at GR, we’ve got you covered.
FIFA 22 PS Plus career mode options

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Firstly you’re going to need our FIFA 22 tips rundown, outlining seven key things to know before you play. There’s a bit of Ultimate Team in there, but handy hints for general play and career mode too. Ah, yes: EA’s standard management offering is hugely improved this year, with options such as creating your own club to play in any league of your choice. Hop into our FIFA 22 career mode or FIFA 22 best young players guides for much more info.
Tactics and player knowledge are going to come in handy too, right? Fret not, they’re covered in depth too. To get your inner Pep Guardiola juices flowing, take a long studious look at our FIFA 22 formations guide. Once that’s committed to memory, you need our lists of FIFA 22 best players and FIFA 22 best teams. Bayern and Paris SG are fairly competent at the whole ball-kicking thing, it turns out. At least feign surprise. 
Right, that’s the basics covered. Now for the slightly more fun stuff. Planning on unleashing your nightly Jack Greliash fantasies? Keep them clean, and point your browser to GR’s FIFA 22 skill moves guide. When they lead to goals, hit the pause button and bust out some FIFA 22 celebrations. Want a real leader in the dugout, rather than a generic looking avatar? Then you need our list of authentic FIFA 22 managers.
Accessing FUT with FIFA 22 PS Plus

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Let’s face it, you’re going to give Ultimate Team a spin eventually. When you do, avoid spending real money: you can make in-game moolah using our FIFA 22 coins guide instead. The FIFA 22 meta is worth keeping tabs on, too. In-game campaigns come thick and fast, with FIFA 22 TOTS (Team Of The Season) sure to be the focus of the summer. FIFA 22 Icons and FIFA 22 Heroes are also worth knowing about too. With prices falling as players look towards FIFA 23, there’s plenty of scope for building a dream team made up of past greats. 
Prefer to focus on the wonderkids who’ll be on show at this year’s World Cup? Then divert your attentions to our FIFA 22 Future Stars list. Just make sure you look good while out on the digital turf. All you need for that is our style-focussed round-up of the best FIFA 22 kits.
Been playing all season and still trying to chase the best cards? Then you need our super-topical FIFA 22 RTTF guide.

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