LEGO Star Wars’ Open World Failure Highlights EA Mistakes

Exclusive access granted to EA Star Wars The 2013 license means that other video game publishers will not be able to publish their own games set in distant galaxies. EA finished the 2010s with the release of only three AAAs Star Wars Title including 2 In front of Star Wars A standalone franchise until the exclusive deal is signed and Lucasfilm Games begins to approach other studios Star Wars My game. EA will continue to produce Star Wars 2010s games created by developer Respawn Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2Also three new Star Wars The game was announced in early 2022. But publishers could have done more with Amy Hennig over the last decade. Not mapped-style is an open world title that evolved without doing anything after Project Ragtag left.The truth is that the first new world has been opened Star Wars If everything went according to plan, EA entered the 2020s with at least one open world. Star Wars Hood under the belt.

Skywalker legend The ridiculous reach and obstruction reported during the news Lego Star Wars Game development is obvious in the finished product. There are lots of glitches, and the elements of the open world feel as thin as paper. There is an argument that one of EA’s studios may have been better prepared to develop new software. Star Wars game Skywalker legendHowever, in each case, the size indicates how much the publisher wanted to use the license in the 2010s. EA has issued three AAAs. Star Wars Games so far Front When Star Wars Jedi Dealers in the 2020s Star Wars: Squadron The focus is small. There’s still time for editors to fix previous open world bugs, but for now, LEGO Star Wars: Legend of Skywalker This is a reminder of how well the EA’s exclusive features are being handled. Star Wars The mission was first.

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LEGO Star Wars’ Open World Failure Highlights EA Mistakes

EA was given exclusive access to the Star Wars license in 2013, meaning that other video game publishers would not be able to release their own games set in the galaxy far, far away. EA ended the 2010s having published just three AAA Star Wars titles, two of them from the Star Wars Battlefront franchise alone, until eventually the exclusivity deal concluded and Lucasfilm Games began approaching other studios to make Star Wars games of their own. EA will continue to make Star Wars games into the 2010s, with developer Respawn making Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2, as well as three new Star Wars games that were announced at the beginning of 2022. However, the publisher could and probably should have achieved more in the previous decade, with Amy Hennig’s Uncharted-style Project Ragtag coming to nothing, as well as the open-world title it developed into after she had left. The fact that the first new open-world Star Wars game is a LEGO title underlines that point more than any other, as – had everything gone according to plan – EA would have entered the 2020s with at least one open-world Star Wars title under its belt.
The Skywalker Saga is ridiculous in scope, and reported crunch during the new LEGO Star Wars game’s development is evident in the finished product. There are numerous glitches, and the open-world elements feel paper-thin. There’s an argument to be made that one of EA’s studios may have been better poised to develop a Star Wars game of The Skywalker Saga‘s scale, but in any case, it illustrates how wanting the publisher’s use of the license was in the 2010s. EA has published three AAA Star Wars games to date across its Battlefront and Star Wars Jedi franchises, with 2020’s Star Wars: Squadrons having a smaller focus. There’s still time for the publisher to fix its previous open-world mistakes, but for now, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga serves as a reminder of how poorly handled EA’s exclusive Star Wars tenure was in the beginning.

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