Mean Girls Star Debunks Lindsay Lohan’s Spring Fling Speech Line

Bad children Staryan Kahlua cheerfully denied the line from Lindsay Lohan’s spring fling speech at the end of the film. The 2004 teen comedy, written by Tina Fey, was a hit when it first aired, but it didn’t escape people’s hearts.Movies are often quoted online and have many lines Bad children It is considered symbolic. “SHe won’t come here either!” When “Bring” He is one of the pop culture lexicons.

The line in question comes to the climax of the movie during the dance of the North Shore High Spring Festival. The new ex-daughter will be a member of the mean girl faction “The Plastics”. Caddy (Rohan) unexpectedly received the title of Springfling Queen after pushing her plastic friend, brutal Regina George (Rachel McAdams), in front of the bus. At the moment she noticed, and to get rid of the burn book banning caddies from the whole school, she broke the crown and it among all the popular and less popular Springfling Queen contestants. Share. The caddy then praises them all. Carana’s character, Emma Gerber, had previously been teased by plastic for her weight and said:Eat your emotions.“In a caddy speech she was chosen and told to appear.”Very good“And it”Hairstyle must have taken hours

This moment is one of the reasons Nasty girls Called the end Top teen movie Twitter user Corey Cool said:You wouldn’t think Emma Gerber’s hairstyle “must have taken hours”. caravan He considered the problem himself for clarity. The actress revealed that she actually just took it. “25 minutes” However, after director Mark Waters noticed the same problem, Karana was sent back to the beautician to have it fixed. “They put flowers there.” Check out Caruana’s post below:

Given the exorbitant cost of wedding dresses and the time and effort many teenagers spend on makeup and costumes for school dance, Caruana’s Bad children The look was called because it could be off quickly. Emma Gerber’s bangs are curled and her hair is gathered in the ponytail behind her. A time-consuming act preferred by many prom fans. That said, perhaps despite her pretty simple hairstyle, her character had a shining moment when she stood up in Regina later in her movie and called her rebelliously. “husband” After being exposed to Regina’s weight-related injections.

Carana Bad children Hairstyles that actually last only an hour are, after all, just the details of the movie, and most viewers probably won’t notice it in many other memorable moments of the comedy. However, when you watch your favorite movie 10 times, the details may be more noticeable after everything else is fully digested. Indeed, the fact that tertiary characters are still being discussed in the 18-year-old movie demonstrates the movie’s incredible stay and reviewability. Bad children..

Source: John Carana

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Mean Girls Star Debunks Lindsay Lohan’s Spring Fling Speech Line

Mean Girls star Jan Caruana has hilariously debunked a line from Lindsay Lohan’s Spring Fling speech at the end of the film. The 2004 teen comedy written by Tina Fey was a hit when it first released, but has never strayed far from people’s minds. The film is oft-quoted online, and many lines from Mean Girls are considered iconic. “She doesn’t even go here!” and “fetch” are among the many that have entered the pop culture lexicon.
The line in question comes at the film’s climax, during the North Shore High School Spring Fling dance. Former new girl turned member of mean girl clique “The Plastics,” Cady (Lohan), unexpectedly won the title of Spring Fling Queen after pushing fellow Plastic, the ruthless Regina George (Rachel McAdams) in front of a bus. In a moment of realization, and to atone from the Burn Book that ostracized Cady from the entire school, she breaks her tiara and shares it among all the Spring Fling Queen nominees, popular and less-so. Cady then goes on to compliment all of them. Caruana’s character, Emma Gerber, was previously mocked by the Plastics for her weight, saying she “eats her feelings.” In Cady’s speech, she is singled out and told she looks “really pretty” and that “her hairdo must’ve taken hours.”
While this moment is one of the reasons Mean Girls’ ending is cited as one of the best in teen films, Twitter user Korey Kuhl called it out, saying, “I guess I just don’t believe Emma Gerber’s hairdo “must’ve taken hours.” Caruana weighed on the matter herself to clarify. The actor explained that, in reality, she took just “25 minutes” to complete her look, but after director Marc Waters also noticed the same issue, Caruana was sent back to the hair department for it to be fixed, and “they stuck some flowers in it.” Check out Caruana’s post below:

At first it took about 25 minutes. Then I got sent to set and the director said “that doesn’t look like it took hours.” So I was sent back to hair and they stuck some flowers in it and I got sent back again. So in total… Maybe one hour. https://t.co/po33ynsaMo
— 🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪 (@JanCaruana) April 23, 2022

Given the exorbitant cost of prom dresses, and the amount of time and effort many young people put into their makeup and outfits for school dances, it is understandable that Caruana’s Mean Girls look was called out for potentially being swift to pull off. Emma Gerber’s bangs are curled, while her hair is pulled back into a ponytail; hardly the time-intensive up-do favored by many a prom-goer. That said, despite her perhaps quite simple hairstyle, the character does have her moment to shine when she stands up to Regina late in the film, defiantly calling her bully a “fatass” after being subjected to Regina’s weight-related jabs.
Caruana’s Mean Girls hairstyle actually taking just an hour is ultimately a very minor detail in the film, which most viewers likely won’t have noticed among the comedy’s many, many other memorable moments. Sometimes, however, on the umpteenth viewing of a favorite film, a small detail can stick out all the more once everything else has been so thoroughly digested. Really, the fact that a tertiary character in an 18-year-old movie is still being discussed speaks to the incredible staying power and rewatchability of Mean Girls.
Source: Jan Caruana

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