New Elden Ring Update Fixes Malenia’s Healing Glitch

FromSoftware has released a new patch update handling This fixes an issue where Malenia could heal herself during a swing. handling It has a good share of tough bosses, but Malenia is probably the toughest in the game, if not the whole game. Spirits Sherry.

handlingMalenia has a reputation that is hard to beat because of her incredible speed, strength, and aggression on the battlefield. Waterfowl dance moves are difficult to dodge and are famous for slicing player health with a sword slash. As Malenia enters the second phase, she will add a healthy amount of Red Lot to the attack and gain access to Scarlet Aeonia. An AoE burst attack that can destroy a player trapped in the fog. Malenia also has a nasty healing habit every time she attacks a player. handlingThe toughest bosses are even tougher.

BANDAI NAMCO official website Ver. Patch 1.04.01 handling Became live and fixed Malenia’s self-healing issue after an issue with a previous game update.With a recent update handlingMalenia healed by swinging her sword. That is, she healed even if she missed the attack. This issue only occurred in multiplayer when another player was summoned to fight Malenia. Thanks to the latest patch, this shouldn’t be a problem anymore. handling player.

Before the new patch, the last handling This patch fixes 50 hitwalls and many other game-related issues, but this latest update has fewer fixes. The new patch fixes an issue where the boss would die unintentionally and the Elden Beast wouldn’t work properly. The duration of Cerulean’s Hidden Tears item was also incorrectly reduced in the previous patch, which has been fixed.

Malenia’s reputation as one of the toughest FromSoftware bosses in history is popular with fans because defeating her is considered a great honor. handling There are some brutal boss battles, but it was a little too much to give Malenia a self-healing move during a multiplayer battle, and it’s nice to hear that it was a bug, not a balance choice. .. Made by the handling For players who have defeated Malenia in SL1 without attacking, but not everyone has free time to master the boss, getting rid of the oxygen vampire movement means more. handling The player has a chance to defeat him.

Source: Namco Bandai

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New Elden Ring Update Fixes Malenia’s Healing Glitch

FromSoftware has issued a new patch update for Elden Ring that fixes the glitch where Malenia can heal herself while swinging at the air. Elden Ring has its share of hard bosses, but Malenia might be the hardest in the game, if not the entire Souls series.
Elden Ring‘s Malenia has earned a reputation for being brutally difficult to beat, thanks to her incredible speed, strength, and aggressiveness on the battlefield. Her Waterfowl Dance move is notorious for being tough to dodge, slicing through the player’s health in a flurry of sword blows. Once Malenia enters her second phase, she adds a healthy dose of scarlet rot to her attacks, and gains access to Scarlet Aeonia; an AoE explosion attack that can decimate players who are caught within its mist. Malenia also has the annoying habit of healing whenever she hits the player, making Elden Ring‘s hardest boss even harder.
A new update on the official Bandai Namco website has announced that the Ver. 1.04.01 patch for Elden Ring is now live, and it fixes the Malenia self-healing glitch following an issue that arose with a prior game update. In a recent update for Elden Ring, Malenia healed whenever she swung her sword, which meant she was healing even when she missed her attacks. This issue only occurred during multiplayer, whenever another player was summoned into the battle against Malenia. Thanks to the latest patch, this should no longer be a problem for Elden Ring players.

A hotfix patch for #ELDENRING is available today.
Please update your game to version 1.04.1 in order to use multiplayer features.
A list of changes is available here:
— ELDEN RING (@ELDENRING) April 27, 2022

Prior to the new patch, the last Elden Ring patch fixed the 50-hit wall, along with a number of other issues with the game, while this latest update has fewer fixes. The new patch fixes an issue where bosses were dying at unintended times, as well as a problem that prevented Elden Beast from working properly. The effect duration of the Cerulean Hidden Tear item was also accidentally decreased in the last patch and this has now been fixed.
Malenia’s reputation as being one of the hardest FromSoftware bosses of all time has made her popular with fans, as beating her is seen as a major badge of honor. Elden Ring has some brutal boss battles, but giving Malenia a self-healing move during multiplayer fights was a bit too much, and it’s good to learn that this was a mistake and not a balance choice made by the developers. There are some Elden Ring players who beat Malenia at SL1 without getting hit, but not everyone has the free time to spend mastering one boss, and the removal of her oxygen vampire move means more Elden Ring players have a shot at taking her down.
Source: Bandai Namco

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