Nightwing Created Batman Beyond Completely On Accident

As fans learned in the first issue of the series, Terry McGinnis is working with Derek Powers to hide the secret behind Bruce Wayne’s Batcave, a secret that Powers wants to steal and profit from. Get back. After Powers bought Wayne’s company, he depleted Bruce when he revealed that he was Batman, and Bruce was sent to jail for caution. But Powers didn’t stop looking for Bruce to find what he was interested in, so he hired Terry McGinnis to break into Batcave and even Batman was too afraid to wear a costume. Stealed-Batman Beyond’s iconic outfit. Terry McGinnis might not have been Batman if Nightwing had worked as a law enforcement officer rather than a slave to the billionaire’s boss.

Now that Terry has taken up the case and is on his way to becoming a legitimate successor to Batman, he is desperately trying to get the coveted revenge. Derek Powers promises to help him find the people who hired this guy to carry out the hit, as Terry has been shown to be brutally beating the guy who killed his father. To do.Now Terry BatmanHer most dangerous swimsuit has a way to get these people to pay for what they did to her family. But the only reason Terry first received this offer from Powers was because Dick Grayson handed it over to Powers. Birds at night You are inadvertently responsible for creating a hero with the title Batman Beyond.

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Nightwing Created Batman Beyond Completely On Accident

As fans learned in the first issue of this series, Terry McGinnis works with Derek Powers to retrieve hidden secrets from Bruce Wayne’s batcave, ones Powers hopes to steal and make a profit off of. After Powers’ acquisition of Wayne’s company, he hung Bruce out to dry when it came to light that he was Batman and Bruce was sent to prison because of his vigilantism. However, Powers wasn’t done ringing Bruce for everything that he was worth, so he recruited Terry McGinnis to break into the Batcave and steal a suit that even Batman was too scared to wear – the iconic Batman Beyond suit. If Nightwing had done his job as an officer of the law instead of as a minion of his billionaire boss, Terry McGinnis may never have become Batman.
Now that Terry has the suit and is on his way to becoming Batman’s legitimate successor, he is one step closer to getting the revenge he so desperately craves. While Terry was shown brutally beating the man who killed his father, Derek Powers promised him that he would help him track down the people who hired that man to carry out the hit. Now that Terry has Batman‘s most dangerous batsuit, he has the means to make those people pay for what they did to his family. However, the only reason Terry was given that offer by Powers in the first place is that Dick Grayson delivered him to Powers, making Nightwing accidentally responsible for creating Batman Beyond’s titular hero.
Batman: Beyond the White Knight #2 is available now from DC Comics!

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