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Paper Turkey Craft

Grab your scissors, we have another great paper turkey craft idea to share with you.

This can be done without using the turkey paper craft template available at the end of this tutorial.

Cute paper turkey crafts for kids. Fun Thanksgiving and autumn activities for kids.* This post contains affiliate links *

Autumn is the perfect time to make turkey with kids, and this latest addition is perfect for kindergarten teachers.

Can’t you see a wonderful classroom display made from lots of paper turkey artwork? You can certainly do it!

We have prepared a printable template that is very useful when dealing with toddlers whose scissors skills are still unable to cut out fine round shapes.

So ask the older kids to cut out their turkey from the brown paper, using a template for younger kids to draw.

Ready? Let’s make turkey crafts!

Turkish paper strip crafts for kidsHow to make a paper craft with turkey?

what do you need:

  • Printable template for brown drawing paper or paper turkey (available at the end of this tutorial)
  • A piece of yellow paper (normal printing paper is fine)
  • Orange paper
  • Sheet of red paper
  • Heavier white or drawing paper
  • Painting supplies
  • Scissors (paper cutters are also very useful, especially if you are a teacher and want to prepare this as a class activity)
  • Gum

Step-by-step training

Print a paper craft turkey template or cut a turkey shape from brown paper.

Cut a bunch of yellow paper strips. More fun, fun!

When it comes to pieces of paper, we love using paper cutters. Because it’s really easy and quick, it’s perfect for teachers to prepare this activity for larger classrooms.

It doesn’t have to be super precise. I cut it to the width of A4 / letter size paper and made it “inch” width.

Then switch to orange paper. Cut cut cut.

And finally cut the red paper.

Glue the edges of a piece of paper together to form a “tear” shaped circle.

Now, the turkey tail. Start with a strip of yellow paper and paste it into a semicircle.

Then give it another semicircle shape with orange stripes inside the yellow.

And red.

The color of the turkey craft pattern.


Stick to the turkey’s paw when using.

Apply a generous amount of glue to the back of the turkey’s body, press the tail and wait for a while until the glue hardens.

Everything is going well!

Paper strip turkey crafts

Watch video tutorial

Get a printable paper craft turkey template here

Click to open, print or save. Paper turkey craft

Good job !

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Paper Turkey Craft

Grab yous scissors as we have another wonderful paper turkey craft idea to share with you.
This one can be made with our without out turkey paper craft template, that you can grab at the end of this tutorial.
*this post contains affiliate links*
Fall is the best time of the year to make some turkey crafts with kids, and this latest addition is perfect for kids in kindergarten to make.
Can’t you just see the wonderful classroom display made out of a ton of paper turkey crafts? We sure can!
We prepared a printable template, that comes really handy when working with younger kids who’s scissor skills are not yet at the level of cutting out rounded and detailed shapes.
So use the template for younger kids to color in and have the older kids cut out their own turkey out of brown paper.
Ready? Let’s do some turkey crafting!
How to Make a Paper Turkey Craft
What you need:
brown construction paper OR our printable paper turkey craft template (you can grab it at the end of this tutorial)
a sheet of yellow paper (regular print paper is fine)
sheet of orange paper
a sheet of red paper
sheet of white heavier or construction paper
coloring supplies
scissors (paper trimmer is super handy too, especially if you are a teacher and want to prep this as an activity for you classroom)
Step by Step Tutorial
Print out our paper turkey craft template or cut out a turkey shape out of brown paper.
Cut a whole bunch of yellow paper strips. The more the merrier!
We love working with paper trimmer when it comes to paper strips as it’s really easy and quick, perfect for teachers to prep this activity for a larger class.
No need to be super precise, we cut ours along the width of A4/letter sized paper, and made them about a “thumb” wide.
Now move onto orange paper. Cut, cut, cut.
And lastly cut red paper.
Glue the ends of paper strips together to make “teardrop” shaped loops.

Now to make the turkey tail. Start with the yellow paper strips and glue them in a half circle shape.

Now make another half circle shape inside the yellow one with the orange strips.
And one with red ones.
Color in the turkey craft template.
Cut it out.

Glue on the turkey feet if you are going to use them.
Apply a generous amount of glue on the back of the turkey body and press it down to the tail, allow the glue some time to set.
All done!

Watch the Video Tutorial

Get the Printable Paper Turkey Craft Template Here
Click to open and print or save: Paper Turkey Craft
Happy crafting!
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