Picard: 3 Plots In Season 2 Can Explain TNG Cast’s Return In S3

2 years Star Trek: Picard Characters with compelling reasons to live in the past … but there are also one-third. Dr. Agnes Jurati merged with Borg Queen, purely on a case-by-case basis. Agnes himself only wants to return to the local timeline, but Borg travelers seem happy with 2024. To avoid future prejudices, the seven can stay in the past and Rios can lag behind Teresa and Agnes. You may not have a choice. Borg Queen escapes to space. There are some time travel issues to solve here, but you can’t reduce the odds around Q. Star Trek: PicardThe story of Seven, Rios and Jurati continues its current route, so Jean-Luc and Rafi can expect a very quiet trip to the 24th century.And if Star Trek: Picard They will leave this trio in 2024, maybe habit For the hero who is back in Season 3, we are making a comeback by releasing some player points. Star Trek: Next Generation..

Leaving some existing characters in 2024 is definitely a way to create space before. Star Trek: Picard It’s Season 3, but you need to be careful. The next Enterprise-D meeting is exciting, but Star Trek: PicardThe current roster should not be shelved in favor of old favorites. Using time travel as a mechanism for writing Seven, Rios, and Jurati after Season 3 risks avoiding recent character growth (which is very advanced). Star Trek: Picard(2024) and set a precedent for unwanted franchises. After all, people are stuck in the past.

Star Trek: Picard Thursday continues with Paramount +.

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Picard: 3 Plots In Season 2 Can Explain TNG Cast’s Return In S3

That’s already two Star Trek: Picard characters with compelling reasons to stay in the past… but there’s also a third. Dr. Agnes Jurati has, purely by circumstance, merged with the Borg Queen. Though Agnes herself would love nothing more than returning to her native timeline, her Borg passenger seems content in 2024. Seven could stay in the past to avoid the future’s prejudice, Rios could remain behind for Teresa, and Agnes may not have a choice if the Borg Queen absconds into space. There are time travel wrinkles to iron out here, but no eventuality can be discounted with Q around. If Star Trek: Picard‘s Seven, Rios and Jurati storylines continue on their current courses, Jean-Luc and Raffi can expect a very quiet ride back to the 24th century. And if Star Trek: Picard leaves that trio in 2024, they likely won’t return in season 3, freeing up a few cast spots for our returning heroes from Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Dumping a few existing characters in 2024 is certainly one way to create space ahead of Star Trek: Picard season 3, but caution is vital. Exciting though the upcoming Enterprise-D reunion may be, Star Trek: Picard‘s current cast shouldn’t be cast aside wholesale in favor of old favorites. Using time travel as a mechanic to write Seven, Rios and Jurati out of season 3 would risk jettisoning their recent character growth (which has been much improved in Star Trek: Picard‘s 2024 setting) and setting an unwanted franchise precedent. Humans are, after all, stuck in the past.
Star Trek: Picard continues Thursday on Paramount+.

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