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Printable Turkey Puppets

I don’t know what the turkey said, but I know that these printable turkey dolls can once be in the hands of children and become a fairly talkative group.

Two fun dolls for printing, one pre-colored and the other can be colored as the kids like, guaranteed to enjoy turkey for little kids!Printable turkey doll craft for kids. Super fun Thanksgiving and autumn activities for kids. #Craftforkids #ThanksgivingCraftforkids #Printable Dolls* This post contains affiliate links *

It seems that we really like the range of our printable dolls-our monster dolls are very popular and our fox and hedgehog dolls (and other dolls) are definitely worth printing ..

Another fun autumn character, especially in November, is definitely a turkey, so I had to create one. And I think he’s great!

This little bird will be the star of many pretend and theatrical sessions played by your little kids.

As the previous printable doll showed, this is a great kindergarten or preschool classroom project and kids love it (thanks to everyone who posted photos and videos, I Love each one!)!

Get ready to make a turkey doll! Let’s do this!

Cute printable Turkish dollHow to make a printable turkey doll

what do you need

  • One or both printable turkey puppet templates (available at the bottom of this tutorial)
  • printer
  • Paper (Thick printing paper is recommended. Plain paper will also work)
  • Scissors
  • Gum

If you printed the model in black and white, you will also need colorants. I like markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc.

Follow step-by-step instructions

Print the model (available at the end of this tutorial).

As mentioned earlier, it is advisable to use heavier printing paper (especially in the hands of children) as it will improve the durability of the puppet. Markers will not bleed even on heavy printer paper or with coloring.

If you are using colored pencils or crayons, it will also work with regular printer paper. Markers can be creases on the paper (depending on the brand).

When printing a black and white printable turkey doll template, the first thing you need to do is color it.

You can use real turkey colors or get a little crazy with all the colors of the rainbow.

Cut out all the pieces.

Note: We have created two versions of the pacifier with no creases (the creases are on the sides of the pacifier, best to fold before cutting). This is suitable for older children. The other has a thick fold line. Easy for younger children.

Fold it along the line.

Break the crimp and make it really crispy.

We usually help ourselves by pushing into the creases using a stick.

Apply a small amount of glue to the top of the snood …

… And stick it on the top spout.

Glue your feet to the bottom of the turkey doll-

Glue the strip to the back.

Once the glue dries, you’re ready to enjoy the printable turkey doll.

Printable Turkish Doll Crafts for Kids

Watch video tutorial

Get a printable Turkish doll template here

Click to open, print or save. Printable Turkish doll template

Version for toddlers with thick creases: Printable Turkish Doll Template-Bold Curve

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Printable Turkey Puppets

What did the turkey say? We don’t know but we do know these printable turkey puppets can become quite the chatty bunch once in kids hands.
Two fun puppets to print, one-precolored and one for kids to color as they see fit, both making sure your little ones will have lots of fun turkey time!*this post contains affiliate links*
Seems you have become quite fond on our printable puppets series – our monster puppets are getting lots of love and our fox and hedgehog puppets certainly deserve a printing out too (as do all others).
Another fun fall character, especially in November is certainly the turkey, so we just had to make one. And I think it’s awesome one!
This little bird will be the star of many pretend play or dramatic play sessions your little ones will be up to.
As our previous printable puppets have shown, this one makes a great kindergarten or preschool class project and kids love it (thank you all who have send photos and videos, love each and every one of them)!
Ready to make your turkey puppet! Let’s do it!
How to Make Our Printable Turkey Puppet
What you need
one or both of our printable turkey puppet templates (you can grab it at the very bottom of this tutorial)
paper (we recommend heavier print paper, regular paper will work too)
If you printed our black and white template, coloring supplies are needed too – we love markers, crayons, coloring pencils…
Follow the Step by Step Instructions
Print out our template (you can grab it at the very end of this tutorial).
As mentioned, we recommend using heavier print paper as this will make the puppets more durable (especially in kids hands). Also with heavier print paper, the markerswon’t bleed through if you will color with them.
Regular print paper will be OK too, if using coloring pencils or crayons. Markers might wrinkle the paper (depending on the brand).
If you printed our black and white printable turkey puppet template, first thing to do is to color it in.
You can use authentic turkey colors or go a little bit crazy with all the colors of the rainbow.
Cut out all the pieces.
Note: we made two versions, one without fold lines on the puppet that’s suitable for older kids (the fold lines are on the sides of the puppet, it’s best to fold it before you cut it out) and one with bold foldable lines easier for younger kids.
Fold along the lines.
Crease the folds to make them really crisp.
We usually help ourselves by using a craft stick and running it across the folds.
Apply some glue to the top of the snood…
…and stick it to top beak.
Glue the legs on the bottom of the turkey puppet-
Glue straps on the back.

Let the glue dry and you are ready to have fun with your printable turkey puppet.

Watch the Video Tutorial

Get the Printable Turkey Puppets Template Here
Click to open and print or save: Turkey Printable Puppet Template
Version for younger kids with bolder fold lines: Turkey Printable Puppet Template – With Bold Fold Lines
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