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Reindeer Paper Plate Craft with a Cute Red Nose

Today is the time to be witty with the youth, as we can share with you the simplest reindeer paper plate making ideas!

This is done in a very short time and most preschoolers and kindergarten children can do this themselves.

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Cute reindeer paper plate craft for kids. A fun Christmas activity for kids.  #Craftforkids #Christmascraftsforkids #Reindeercraftsforkids* This post contains affiliate links *

We love making all kinds of Christmas-themed paper plate crafts. Paper plates are arguably a simple craft and are easy for small children to use due to their size.

The simpler the process of making is, the better, and it’s probably the easiest paper plate reindeer you’ve ever made! And thanks to his huge red nose, he is very playful.

The collection of fun and easy Christmas craft ideas for kids is growing rapidly and we are always happy to add such new reindeer crafts.

Ready to create your own?

Let’s make it!

Paper plate reindeer crafts for childrenHow to make a paper plate with reindeer

Required materials:

  • 1 paper plate
  • Big red pompoms
  • Brown paint
  • I will polish
  • Brown drawing paper
  • White paper
  • Black marker
  • Gum
  • Circle punch

Glittering decorations are always welcome to make it even more festive!

Watch video tutorial

Follow step-by-step instructions

Start by painting the paper plate brown. Let the paint dry.

We love drawing paper plates with a sponge brush, they are easy to use, quick and fun to apply!

Draw two circles on white paper while you wait for the paint to dry.

Kids love to drill circles.

Glue the white circles to the paper plate (these will be the eyes, so place them in the upper half).

Apply a generous amount of glue between your eyes and press a large red pompon against the paper plate.

Let me stick with it. You can also use large sticky dots (another child’s favorite).

Draw a black dot on your eyes.

Draw your mouth with a black pencil.

Cut the corners from the dark brown drawing paper.

Glue them to the back of the paper plate.

Everything is going well! The reindeer paper plate is complete and ready for display. This will be the cutest classroom decoration for Christmas, along with a Santa Craft paper plate or a paper plate snowman.

Reindeer paper plate crafts for kids

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Reindeer Paper Plate Craft with a Cute Red Nose

Time to get crafty with the young ones as we have the easiest reindeer paper plate craft idea to share with you today!
This one will be done in no time and most preschoolers and kids in kindergarten will manage to make this one on their own.
*this post contains affiliate links*
We love making all kinds of Christmas themed paper plate crafts, paper plates sure are a frugal crafting material and, because of their size, are easy to handle by younger kids.
The simpler the crafting process, the better and this one is probably the easiest paper plate reindeer you’ll ever make! And due to it’s colossal red nose, extremely fun looking.
Our collection of fun and easy Christmas crafts ideas for kids to make is rapidly growing and we’re always happy when we add a new reindeer craft such as this one.
Ready to make one of your own?
Let’s get crafting!
How to Make a Reindeer Paper Plate Craft
Materials you need:
1 paper plate
large red pom poms
brown paint
paint brush
brown construction paper
white paper
black marker
circle punch
Glitter decorations always welcome to make this one even more festive!
Watch the Video Tutorial

Follow the Step by Step Instructions
Start by painting the paper plate brown. Let the paint dry.
We love to paint our paper plates with sponge paint brushes, they are easy to handle, quick to paint with and fun!
While you wait for the paint to dry, punch two circles out of white paper.
Kids love punching circles.
Glue the white circles on the paper plate (position them on the upper half, as these will be the eyes).
Apply a generous amount of glue in between the eyes and press the large red pom pom on the paper plate.
Let it stick. You could also use large glue dots (another kid favorite).
Draw in the black dots in the eyes.
Draw mouth with a black marker.
Cut antlers out of dark brown construction paper.
Glue them on the back of the paper plate.
All done! Your Reindeer Paper Plate Craft is all done and ready for display! This one, along with a paper plate Santa craft or paper plate snowman makes the most adorable classroom decoration for Christmas.

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