Resolve in Rogue Legacy 2, explained

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This is confusing, but it’s a statistic you need to understand. Illegal inheritance 2, Because it basically shows the number of relics you can carry.Ours Illegal inheritance 2 The Resolve Guide explains how Resolve works and what you can do to improve it.

What do you solve?

Patience is a small statistic next to the white glowing flame in the upper left corner of the screen, showing confidence in the heir’s abilities. The higher the stats, the more confident you will be.

The unscientific implication is that the more you equip between the armor and the relic, the less decisions the heir will make.

If the decision is less than 100%, the heir will also lose maximum HP. By default, the game starts at a resolution of 225%.

What affects the solution?

Skill Tree Psychiatrist Upgrades can increase your tenacity at the start. Several other upgrades will restore things that passively affect the solution, such as armor weight and the cost of melting relics.

Wearing too much armor directly reduces toughness and also collects relics that normally require toughness. The closer your character is to maximum armor weight, the less stable it will be.

That said, you need to understand how to scale gameplay accordingly without sacrificing too much resolution.

Blacksmith screen showing reduced thawing by armor

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If your opponent rarely attacks you, dropping Resolve to less than 100% may be worth gaining additional abilities to help you complete coins and challenges. However, if you are vulnerable to damage, it is advisable to focus on your armor to reduce HP loss.

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Resolve in Rogue Legacy 2, explained

Image: Cellar Door Games
Resolve is a confusing but necessary stat in Rogue Legacy 2, as it essentially caps how many Relics you can carry. Our Rogue Legacy 2 Resolve guide explains how Resolve works and what you can do to increase it.
What is Resolve?
Resolve is the little stat next to the white glowing flame in the top left corner of your screen and it represents your Heir’s confidence in their own abilities. The higher the stat, the more confident they are.
The non-lore meaning is that your Heir’s Resolve goes down the more you have equipped between armor and Relics.
If your Resolve is below 100%, your Heir loses Max HP by an equal percentage. You start the game with 225% Resolve at default.
What affects Resolve?
You can increase your starting Resolve through the Psychiatrist upgrade in the skill tree, and several other upgrades improve things that passively affect Resolve, like armor weight and Relic Resolve cost.
Wearing too much armor will directly decrease your Resolve, as well as picking up Relics, which typically have a Resolve cost. The closer your character is to holding their max weight in armor, the less Resolve they’ll have.
That being said, you’ll need to figure out how to accommodate your playstyle accordingly without compromising too much Resolve.

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If you rarely get hit by enemies, cutting down on your Resolve below 100% may be worth it to pick up extra abilities to help you clear out rooms and challenges. However, if you’re damage-prone, you might want to focus on armor to help reduce your HP loss.

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