Selling Sunset: Did Emma Hernan Qualify For The Olympics

Emma’s greatest strength as a young swimmer was backstroke. However, it does not elaborate on the speed of the Olympic qualifying at that time. Emma abandoned her swimming career at the age of 16 and she began modeling in Paris. Her career changes have helped Emma, ​​but her fans are still wondering about her swimming journey. To qualify for the US Olympic team, she must be fast enough to run a trial and finish first or second in a particular event.According to this Swimming in usa, Sell ​​the sunset Stars are not listed as having participated in the 2004-2008 US Olympic Trials. But Emma, ​​who is no longer dating her ex, she may have decided not to do so, although she is preparing for an Olympic trial swim. I can. Her modeling career.

Emma doesn’t mention swimming in her social media accounts, so she seems to put her passion for swimming far behind. He hasn’t even posted a video showing his swimming ability. Emma doesn’t seem to want to compete in the Olympics right away because she’s a real estate agent and part of a hit reality show.

Sell ​​the sunset Season 5 is currently being streamed on Netflix.

Source: Life Story with Joanna Garjiri, Pop Sugar, US Swimming

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Selling Sunset: Did Emma Hernan Qualify For The Olympics

As a young swimmer, Emma’s biggest strength was her backstroke; however, she didn’t give any detail on how fast her Olympic qualifying time was back then. When Emma was 16-years-old, she gave up her career as a swimmer and began modeling in Paris. While the change in career path may have helped Emma, fans are still curious about her past as a swimmer. In order for someone to qualify for the USA Olympics team, they must have a fast enough time to compete in the trials and need to come in first or second place in their specific event. According to USA Swimming, the Selling Sunset star isn’t listed as someone who competed in the US Olympic trials between 2004 to 2008. Nonetheless, it’s possible Emma, who is not dating her ex again, was gearing up for the Olympic swimming trials but ultimately decided not to so she could pursue her modeling career.
Emma seems to have put her passion for swimming far behind her as she has made no mention of it on her social media accounts. She hasn’t even posted a video showing off swimming abilities. Now that she’s a realtor and a part of a successful reality show, it seems Emma will not be trying out for the Olympics anytime soon.
Selling Sunset season 5 is now streaming on Netflix.
Sources: Life Stories With Joanna Garzilli, Popsugar, USA Swimming

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