Severance: 10 Questions We Still Have After The Finale

Petty, a former best friend of Innie Mark, tells Mark that some Innies have never left and found a place that is permanently trapped inside the building. When Miss Corbel “dismisses” Miss Casey and she is sent to the test floor, it turns out that it’s just an elevator down.

Fans theorize that the test floor is where Innis is stored, which never leaves. Jema became known in the real world and she died in a car accident. A popular fan theory is that Lemon found Jema in her coma and is now experimenting with her at her test site. Therefore, he is “awakening” for only a short time.

How does Outie Irving learn about Lumon employees?

After the employee understands how to awaken Innie outside, Irving searches his belongings and finds documents containing the names, details, and addresses of many current and former Lemon employees.

This statement wonders to fans how Auti could find this information about Lemon, which even his Innie wouldn’t know. When Irving illusions about a black paint leaking from his cabinet, it may mean that his memory is leaking. Outie Irving is shown relentlessly painting the same elevator to the test floor with black paint. One question fans still have about Irving is how and why he found this information about Innie. Did he start reintegration?

Which side is the miscobell on?

Corbel seems to believe in Eagan’s principles committed to Rumon’s mission. However, this is often inconsistent. Cobel’s Kier Eagan Shrine has a Lumon newspaper clipping and a breathing tract with Charlotte Cobel.

Fans believe that Charlotte Corbel is actually her dead mother and want revenge on Lemon for her death. She behaves more strangely when she finds Innie awake outside her job. Despite her dismissal, Corbel immediately contacts Lemon. If he’s really anti-Lumon and doesn’t work for them anymore, why does he care so much about Innie awakening them?

Rickens’ self-help book was never reported missing

Lemon’s office is meticulously kept clean. No art, literature or contemporary technology can be found. So when Miss Corbel steals Ricken’s corbel from Mark’s pouch and brings it to the office, he’s very curious about why it was left in the room.

Even more mysteriously, why did neither Miltic nor Corbel admit that the book was lost? They have cameras that monitor all movements on the cut floor and they must have seen them reading. This “slip” is confusing, as the corbel is widely considered an intelligent character. Does Milchik or Cobel have a reason to want Innies to find and read a book? This book inspired Mark and Dylan to become more interested in the outdoors. Fans believe it was Corbel’s intention to find a book, knowing that it stimulated their curiosity.

Why do they allow the interaction between Mark and Jema?

Lumon’s manager doesn’t tell Inniees about Outtie’s life. They agree in detail only during a session with health adviser Casey, also known as Jema. Mr. Corbel saw them during the session and she doesn’t seem to remember at all and she seems upset.

Why are they making Mark interact with his “dead” wife because they are so careful not to let them interact with their outings? This jeopardizes his reinstatement and can complicate his obligations to Lemon. Some viewers feel that Mark and Jema were particularly targeted. Corbel’s bizarre reaction supports Fan’s theory that he looks different, and the pair has an unknown purpose to Rumon.

What is the purpose of the waffle party?

The waffle party wasn’t just for breakfast, it was a twist that no one saw. After working all season for the party, Dylan is rewarded not only with waffles, but also with what looks like an erotic dance of four angers.

This probably looks very cult to the viewer and raises more questions about Lumon’s ultimate goal. Fans wonder what other rituals will take place at Lemon, such as the “waffle party.” Is this waffle party a kind of cult attempt, or is it just a way to soothe and control staff? Given the existence of the nine-tailed cat, viewers view this ritual as a symbolic domestication of anger.

Is Ricken Eagan?

Mark’s brother-in-law, Ricken, seems to be a well-meaning, pretty adorable character. He is very superstitious. While Devon is giving birth, she plants seaweed and makes three beds for her child to grow.

Fans of Ricken and Devon’s house saw a pair of goat statues resembling a goat’s head in one of four angers. Fans believe that the maternity home, where Ricken chose to give birth to Devon’s baby, belonged to the strangely named Lemon. These clues have viewers wondering if his bizarre practice is just superstition. After all, Kier Eagan was also very ritual. There is quite a bit of this theory, Severance pay He has already shown that he is not afraid of strange twists and turns.

Why are Ricken and Devon’s friends so strange?

At dinner parties and reading, some of Ricken’s friends say weird things. They appear unfamiliar with the basic historical facts and behave strangely when Devon’s baby is found, one of whom complains of an injury behind his head.

Viewers noticed that his childish behavior resembled Innie’s behavior. Like a blank slate, he learns the world as an adult. Does his injured friend indicate that the injury had undergone separation surgery without his knowledge? None of the friends agreed to leave when Mark left, but they were able to become subjects. One of the wildest Lemonfan theories is that the entire town is separated.

Why did you really like Helena?

The revelation that Helly was none other than Lemon’s heir, Helena Eagan, surprised the masses. Helly is used by Lemon as a promotional stunt for their amputation rights. Helena is willing to put her life at risk to sell this trick.

It’s strange that he agreed to give up so much autonomy, he’s very stubborn. Just because he’s the heir to Lemon? As far as fans know, he was the first person Egan quit his job. The conversation with her father is amazing and her audience wonders if Helena really did this on her own free will. Helena, what “higher purpose” does she intend to bring to Lemon by agreeing to her dismissal process?

What’s wrong with the goat?

One of the strangest mysteries is the baby goat mystery. When Mark and Helly come across the goat’s room, a man in a suit takes care of the goat and asks him not to take him yet.

Many fans suggest that these goats were bred by Lemon for animal testing. It is theorized that they are cloning goats and perhaps workers. Given the mysterious image of goats and Eagan’s increasingly disturbing words, many believe that goats are a form of ritual sacrifice. The characters themselves are trying to figure out what to do with the goats there, and so far the audience is just as confused as they are.

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Severance: 10 Questions We Still Have After The Finale

Innie Mark’s old best friend Petey informs Mark that he found a place where some Innies never leave and are permanently captive in the building. When Ms. Cobel “fires” Ms. Casey and she is sent to the testing floor, it is revealed to be an elevator that only goes down.
Fans are theorizing that the Testing Floor is where the Innies that never leave are kept. Gemma would be recognized out in the real world, and she is presumed to have died in a car accident. A popular fan theory is that Lumon found Gemma in a comatose state and is now experimenting on her in the testing floor. Hence her only being “awake” for short stints of time.
How Does Outie Irving Have Information About Lumon Employees?

After the employees figure out how to wake up their Innie on the outside, Irving searches his belongings and finds papers with names, details, and addresses of many current and former severed Lumon employees.
This reveal has fans wondering how his Outie was able to find this information about Lumon that even his Innie wouldn’t know. When Irving hallucinates black paint dripping down his cubicle, it could be hinting that his memories are leaking through. Outie Irving is shown obsessively painting the same elevator that leads to the Testing Floor with black paint. A burning question fans still have about Irving is how and why he’s been finding this information about the Innies. Has he begun reintegrating already?
Whose Side Is Ms. Cobel On?

Cobel seems to be a believer in the Eagan principles devoted to Lumon’s mission; however, she often contradicts this. In the shrine to Kier Eagan in Cobel’s house, there are news clippings of Lumon, as well as a breathing tube with the name Charlotte Cobel on it.
Fans speculate that Charlotte Cobel is actually her deceased mother and she’s seeking revenge on Lumon for her death. She exhibits more curious behavior when she realizes the Innies have woken themselves up outside of work. Cobel immediately contacts Lumon, even though she has already been fired. Why would she be so concerned with the Innie’s waking themselves up if she is actually anti-Lumon, and no longer works for them?
Rickens’ Self Help Book Is Never Reported Missing

The office at Lumon is kept meticulously clean; no art, literature, or modern technology can be found. So when Ms. Cobel steals Ricken’s self-help book from Mark’s porch and brings it to the office, it’s very curious why the book was left in a room unattended.
To make it even more mysterious, why did neither Milchik nor Cobel ever acknowledge the book went missing? They have cameras watching their every move on the severed floor and should have seen them reading it. Cobel is widely regarded as an intelligent character, so this “slip up” is puzzling. Could Milchik or Cobel have a reason to want the Innies to find and read the book? The book was a catalyst for both Mark and Dylan to become more interested in life outside. Fans theorize that it was Cobel’s intention they find the book, knowing it would pique their curiosity.
Why Do They Let Mark And Gemma Interact?

The managers at Lumon don’t allow the Innies to know about the Outtie’s lives. The only time they acknowledge any details are in the sessions with Wellness Counselor Ms. Casey, AKA Gemma. Ms. Cobel even watches them during a session and seems upset that they do not seem to remember each other at all.
Given that they are so careful to not let them interact with their Outie, why do they allow Mark to interact with his “dead” wife? This could risk him reintegrating and cause complications in their mission at Lumon. Some viewers think Mark and Gemma were specifically targeted. Cobel’s strange reaction supports fan theories that she’s not all she seems, and the couple has an unknown purpose at Lumon.
What Is The Purpose Of The Waffle Party?

The waffle party not just being about breakfast was a twist no one saw coming. After working all season for the party, Dylan is rewarded with not only waffles but what seems to be an erotic dance by the four tempers.
This likely feels very cult-like to the viewer and raises further questions as to what the end goal of Lumon is. Fans are wondering what other rituals disguised as things like “waffle parties” actually take place at Lumon. Could this waffle party be some kind of cult initiation or is it simply a way of appeasing and controlling the employees? Given the presence of the cat of nine tails, viewers speculate that this ritual is meant to be a symbolic taming of the tempers.
Is Ricken An Eagan?

Mark’s brother-in-law Ricken seems like a well-intentioned, fairly likable character. He’s very superstitious; doing things like putting up seaweed while Devon is in labor and building three beds for his child to grow into.
Around Ricken and Devon’s house fans have spotted a couple of goat statues, similar to the goat head on one of the 4 tempers. Fans theorize that the birthing center that Ricken chose for Devon to have their baby at is owned by Lumon, given its strange name. These clues lead viewers to wonder if his strange practices are more than superstition. After all, Kier Eagan was also very ritualistic. This theory is pretty out there, but Severance has already shown it’s not afraid to throw in some outlandish twists.
Why Are Ricken and Devon’s Friends So Odd?

At the dinner and book reading parties, some of Ricken’s friends say peculiar things. They seem unversed in basic historical facts, act strange when Devon’s baby is found, and one complains of sores on the back of her head.
Viewers have pointed out their child-like behavior is similar to the Innie’s behavior. The way they are like a blank slate, learning about the world as adults. As for the friend with the sores, could this injury be a hint she’s undergone the severance surgery unknowingly? While none of the friends admitted to severance when Mark did, they could be test subjects. One of the more wild fan theories of Lumon is that the entire town has undergone severance.
Why Did Helena Truly Sever?

The reveal that Helly is none other than heiress to Lumon, Helena Eagan, sent viewers into a tailspin. Helly is being used as a publicity stunt by Lumon for pro-severance rights. Helena is even willing to risk her life to sell this stunt.
Given how stubborn she has shown to be, it’s odd she would agree to give up that much autonomy. Is it simply because she is the heir to Lumon? As far as fans know, she’s the first Eagan to undergo severance. The conversation she has with her father is baffling and leaves viewers wondering if Helena is truly doing this of her own free will. What “greater purpose” is Helena willing to contribute to Lumon by agreeing to the severance procedure?
What Is Up With The Goats?

One of the more odd mysteries is the baby goats. When Mark and Helly stumble upon the room of goats, a man in a suit is caring for them and begs them not to take them yet.
Many fans theorize these goats are being raised for animal testing by Lumon. The theory that they are attempting to clone the goats and eventually clone the employees has been raised. Given the occult imagery of goats and the increasingly alarming verbiage of the Eagan’s, many believe the goats are some kind of ritual sacrifice. The characters themselves try to brainstorm what they could possibly be doing with those goats down there, and for now, viewers are just as confused as they are.

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