The designer of Iron Man VR’s new suit teases a wider Sony-verse of Marvel team-ups in Official PlayStation Magazine #166

I was excited when Marvel artist Adi Granov shared the costume design for Ironman VR, but when it was revealed in 166 that Official PlayStation Magazine created a similarly stylish design for other characters. I was surprised. But what is striking is his affection. Sony-Marvel Team. Will Ironman VR be the need for the popular Spider-Man sized VR?

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The best cash on delivery since Modern Warfare?

This is Tony Hawk. 20-year-old

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Tony Hawk's professional skaters.

Developers actually work on this iconic series until a colleague builds a skatepark in the backyard, creates the team’s first online PlayStation game, and shoots the iconic “eye” logo from the studio. I will clarify what it looks like.

“I’m very proud of what we’re doing. We can see the impact it has had on the wider gaming market and the skateboarding itself. It’s nice to be part of it,” West said. increase.

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Oddworld has a soul

The game icon Lorne Lanning reveals the future of Oddworld.

Read this issue of the interview to find out why Oddworld Soulstorm has become one of the best new puzzle platformers on PS4.

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The designer of Iron Man VR’s new suit teases a wider Sony-verse of Marvel team-ups in Official PlayStation Magazine #166

When Marvel artist Adi Granov shared his design for the suit in Iron Man VR we were excited, but when he revealed in Official PlayStation Magazine 166 he’s created equally sleek designs for other characters crossing into the game we were giddy. However, it’s his love of the Sony-Marvel team-up that impresses. Can Iron Man VR be the Spider-Man-sized hit virtual reality needs?
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Sharp shooter

Tony Hawk at 20

The dev reveals what it was really like to work on this iconic franchise, from a co-worker building a skate park in his back garden for the team to being PlayStation’s first online game, and setting fire to the studio’s iconic ‘eye’ logo. 
“I’m very proud of what we did. I can see the influence it’s had on the broader game market and on skateboarding itself. It was good to be a small part of that,” says West. 
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Oddworld has soul

Read the interview in this issue and discover why Oddworld Soulstorm is shaping into one of PS4’s best new puzzle-platformers.
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  • #designer #Iron #Man #VRs #suit #teases #wider #Sonyverse #Marvel #teamups #Official #PlayStation #Magazine

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