Turning Red Abby Is Boo From Monsters Inc Theory Debunked By Director

Given that the Pixar universe tends to be interconnected, this theory was not completely off limits. In addition to most Pixar projects that repeatedly use different Easter eggs, such as pizza planet trucks, luxo balls, and A113 numbers, movies tend to include references to other Pixar projects such as: Monsters Inc Those who have Nemo toys in Boo’s room. Indeed, Shi’s films are already guilty of this. Turns red Contains a hidden reference to Light yearsA new Pixar movie to be released in June.

Unfortunately, Shi has put Kibosch into this particular theory, but that doesn’t mean there’s no more ominous secret material to pull out. Turns red.. As with other Pixar projects, we are waiting to explore many layers of detailed subject matter meaning, character insights, and continuity between films. Ironically, the popularity of this theory could mean that if Abbey reappears in a sequel or short, the next time she will be surrounded by deliberate Boo references.

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Turning Red Abby Is Boo From Monsters Inc Theory Debunked By Director

This theory wasn’t entirely out of bounds given the way that Pixar’s universe tends to be interconnected. In addition to most Pixar projects featuring a variety of recurring Easter eggs like the Pizza Planet truck, the Luxo ball, and the number A113, the films tend to be packed with references to other Pixar projects, including Monsters Inc. itself, which featured a Nemo toy in Boo’s bedroom. Indeed, Shi’s movie is already guilty of this, as Turning Red features a hidden reference to Lightyear, the upcoming Pixar film that is due in theaters in June.
While Shi has, unfortunately, put the kibosh on this particular theory, that doesn’t mean there isn’t more sneaky hidden material to plumb from Turning Red. Like every Pixar project, there are many detailed layers of thematic meaning, character insight, and inter-film continuity left to explore. Ironically, the popularity of this theory most likely means that, should Abby appear again in a sequel or short film, she will likely be surrounded by intentional references to Boo next time.
Source: ComicBookMovie

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