What Marnie Likes In Stardew Valley (Friendship Guide)

In addition, players can deepen their in-game friendships. Stardew Valley After the theater was built in the old Jojacola store, he took him to the movie with Marnie. Cold Star Ranch Miracle In Marnie’s favorite movie, the players you watch with will be awarded 200 Friendship Points. Players can earn an additional 50 points by purchasing one of their favorite discounts such as ice cream sandwiches and star drop sorbet. Marnie loves all the other movies, so every movie rewards the actress with a boost in friendship points, but the concessions of Black Licoris, French Fries, Joja Cola, Joja Corn, Nachos, Salt Peanuts, and Truffle Popcorn are not appreciated. , You can’t win friendship. point.

Players should avoid giving Marnie a disliked gift or a disliked gift. Stardew Valley, Because these gifts reduce friendship with Marnie. All the items he dislikes are raw fish, geodes, seeds, artifacts, as well as commonly disliked items such as salmonella, seaweed, and horseradish. All of Marnie’s disliked gifts are universally disliked items such as clay, holly, bait, trash, fossils, and green algae. In general, players should avoid giving Marnie crafts or items that can be crafted.

Stardew Valley Available on mobile, PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

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What Marnie Likes In Stardew Valley (Friendship Guide)

Additionally, players can also increase their friendship in Stardew Valley with Marnie by taking her to a movie once the theater is built at the old Joja Cola shop. The Miracle at Coldstar Ranch is Marnie’s favorite film, and it will reward players with 200 friendship points if they see it with her. Players can earn an additional 50 points for purchasing one of her loved concessions, which are an Ice Cream Sandwich or Stardrop Sorbet. Marnie likes all other films so any film will reward the player with an increase in friendship points, but the concessions Black Licorice, Fries, JojaCola, JojaCorn, Nachos, Salted Peanuts, and Truffle Popcorn are disliked and will not reward any friendship points.
Players should avoid giving Marnie any hated or disliked gifts in Stardew Valley, as these gifts will reduce friendship with Marnie. Her disliked items are all universally disliked items, such as raw fish, geodes, seeds, and artifacts, as well as Salmonberry, Seaweed, and Wild Horseradish. Marnie’s hated gifts are all universally hated items, which include Bait, Trash, Fossils, and Green Algae, with the addition of Clay and Holly. Generally, players should avoid gifting Marnie items that can be crafted or used for crafting.
Stardew Valley is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

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