Who is Jake Lockley? Moon Knight’s third personality in Marvel comics explained

Who is Jake Rock Lee?

The end of the Disney + Moon Knight streaming series is nearing, and speculation is rising that, alongside Oscar Isaac’s protagonists Mark Specter and Steven Grant, a much more violent third personality lurks.

Although it has not been confirmed that there is an unstable third personality in Mark Specter’s mind, the show suggests his appearance, and some viewers say that the third character actually appeared in the episode. I even believe. Not yet approved.

If the MCU character Moon Knight is faithful to the cartoon character Moon Knight, the third character is probably the J-Clock Lee version.

In Marvel Comics, J-Clockley plays a special role in creating Moon Knight. There are answers to all the questions about what that means for the Moon Knight finale and the future of the character at the MCU.

Who is Jake Rock Lee?

Marvel Comics Jake Rock Lee

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Originally, Moon Knight’s conflicting personality was disguised as Mark Specter in pursuit of his personal goals as a criminal fighter (everything about how Mark Specter became Cons’s avatar and what it meant). You can read it).

The main identity of the mercenary Mark Specter remains the traditional secret identity of Moon Knight. He impersonates the gorgeous Millionaire Steven Grant and associates with a white-collar criminal at the pinnacle of society (significantly different from Grant’s MCU depiction of a slightly shy person). ).

And on the other side of the coin, Specter envisioned Jake Rockley’s identity. Jake Rockley is a violent taxi driver whose fingers touch the depths of a violent underground world and have connections with many criminals (unlike Batman). Alter ego matches Malone).

Marvel Comics Jake Rock Lee

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

While concealed as Jake Rockley, Moon Knight was able to develop a network of informants and spies to stay one step ahead of the targets of enemies and criminals. But at the same time, Rock Lee’s addition to Specter’s disguise arsenal marked the beginning of a deeper struggle with his identity.

The continued life of Moon Knight, Stephen Grant, Jake Rockley, and of course his main identity, makes Mark Specter psychologically start to fray from end to end, but the mysterious influence of Cons is. It makes the problem even more complicated.

Many of Moon Knight’s personalities were initially presented as disguised and altered ego rather than completely resolved identities, but eventually confused by dormant dissociative identity disorder and her The mind was shattered into a completely different personality.

Moon Knight continues to utilize different skill sets of different habits as part of the quest, much like developing different incarnations of superhero identities as “Mr.” The character of the Knights-but their relationships with each other-is constantly changing and sometimes controversial.

MCU Jake Rock Lee

Marvel Comics Jake Rock Lee

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Moon Knight Episode 5 features the trial of Mark Specter and Stephen Grant in Egypt’s afterlife after being shot and killed by Arthur Harlow in a previous episode.

Mark and Stephen find the psychiatric ward that forms the inner part of Mark Specter’s mind in the posthumous world, and as he moves back and forth between Hello’s offices in the imaginary psychiatric ward, the personality of Hello’s room. One of them suddenly appears. The office goes out of control and tries to attack Hello.

Unconfirmed, this could be the appearance of Jake Rockley’s first personality, as Specter’s voice is a bit different and obviously much more hostile than others (this third character). Is based on Specter’s cartoon background). scene.

Just as Mark Specter and Steven Grant compete for control of their bodies, just as Grant has to give in to Mark Specter’s identity completely to become Moon Knight, another identity is their union. There are signs that it has its own rules that govern.

We don’t fully know its identity yet, but there’s a hint that he’s been around since the premiere of the series, and it’s likely he’s a version of Jake Rock Lee.

Marvel Comics Jake Rock Lee

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The moment Mark lost control may have been a sneaky showdown on the side of Specter’s mercenaries, but given that his changes broke established rules, Specter was in another life-threatening situation. But I couldn’t take control alone without Grant’s voluntary surrender. -This could indicate that the off-camera part was an invisible arrival of a third party, perhaps Rock Lee.

Now, Moon Knight’s Stephen Grant persona seems to be Mark Specter’s safe disguise, away from the dangers of his heroic life as a mercenary. Could the Third Person / J-Clockley be the embodiment of the dark side of the MCU Moon Knight? A more violent and unpredictable version of the hero waiting for his soul wings?

And what else could be hiding there? As Hello mentioned in Chapter 3, “who knows how many” is in Mark Specter’s head.

And don’t forget the episode 4 scene. Mark unfortunately confessed to Leila that he was “there” when the mercenary “partner” was greedy and executed her father and tried to save her but failed. Leila later realizes that Mark called her because of her guilt, and they meet.

Don’t be surprised if he kills his father third, as it’s also the night when Mark becomes the first Moon Knight. Isaac’s on-stage performance shows that Mark has more to do underwater than to be “associated” with a villain.

But that’s just a theory so far.

Moon Knight continues a new episode that airs every Wednesday on Disney + for at least another week.

Moon Knight is just one of the new characters on the MCU. Miss Wonder, She is hulk, Dane Whitman-The Dark Knight, Jane Foster Toll, America Chavez, Blade bladeWhen Eros / Starfox..

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Who is Jake Lockley? Moon Knight’s third personality in Marvel comics explained

Who is Jake Lockley? 
We’ve almost reached the conclusion of Disney Plus’s Moon Knight streaming series, and speculation about the presence of a third, much more violent personality lurking inside Oscar Isaac’s titular hero alongside Marc Spector and Steven Grant is heating up.
Though the presence of a third, more unstable personality in Marc Spector’s psyche hasn’t been confirmed, the show has been hinting at his emergence, and some viewers are even speculating that the third personality actually showed up in Moon Knight episode 5 – though that’s yet to be confirmed.
If Moon Knight the MCU character is faithful to Moon Knight the comic book character, the third personality is likely a version of Jake Lockley.
In Marvel comics, Jake Lockley plays a specific role in how Moon Knight operates and we’ve got all the answers to your questions about what it could mean for the Moon Knight finale and the future of the character in the MCU.
Who is Jake Lockley?

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)
Originally, Moon Knight’s opposing personalities were depicted as disguises taken up by Marc Spector to further his personal goals as a crimefighter (you can read all about how Marc Spector became the avatar of Khonshu and what that means here).
While the core identity of mercenary Marc Spector remained Moon Knight’s traditional secret identity, he adopted the guise of posh millionaire Steven Grant to hobnob with the white-collar criminals at the top of society’s ladder (a marked difference from Grant’s somewhat timid portrayal in the MCU).
And on the other side of the coin, Spector took on the identity of Jake Lockley, a rough-and-tumble cab driver with his finger on the pulse of the deepest reaches of the seedy underworld and a wealth of criminal connections (not unlike Batman’s alter ego Matches Malone). 

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)
While undercover as Jake Lockley, Moon Knight developed a network of informants and spies that allowed him to stay one step ahead of his enemies and criminal targets. But at the same time, the addition of Lockley to Spector’s arsenal of disguises marked the start of his deeper struggles with his identity. 
Stretched thin maintaining the ongoing lives of Moon Knight, Steven Grant, Jake Lockley, and of course his core identity cause Marc Spector to start psychologically fraying at the edges, with Khonshu’s mystical influence complicating things even further. 
Though Moon Knight’s many personalities were initially shown as disguises and alter egos rather than full-on dissociative identities, he eventually broke down with his dormant Dissociative Identity Disorder fully fracturing his mind into separate personalities with their own interior lives, memories, and awareness.
Moon Knight still uses the various skillsets of his different alters as part of his mission, much like he’s also developed different incarnations of his superhero identity such as the ‘Mr. Knight’ persona – but their relationships with one another are consistently evolving, sometimes contentiously.
Jake Lockley in the MCU

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)
Moon Knight episode 5 involves Marc Spector and Steven Grant facing judgment in the Egyptian afterlife after being shot and apparently killed by Arthur Harrow in the previous episode.
As Marc and Steven piece together their memories, flashing back and forth between the afterlife, the psychiatric ward that forms the inside of Marc Spector’s mind, and Dr. Harrow’s office in the illusory psych ward, one of the personalities suddenly pops back up in Harrow’s office, going out of control and attempting to attack Harrow. 
Though it isn’t confirmed, this could be the first emergence of the Jake Lockley personality (presuming this third personality would be based on Spector’s comic book backstory), as Spector’s voice seems a bit different, and he’s much more outwardly hostile than in other scenes.
Just as Marc Spector and Steven Grant have vied for control of their body with Grant seemingly having to fully surrender himself to the Marc Spector guise to fully become Moon Knight, there are indications that another identity has his own rules for piloting their shared body.
While we haven’t specifically met this identity just yet, clues have been building since the show’s premiere that he’s in there, and there’s a strong chance that it’s a version of Jake Lockley. 

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)
The moments where Marc seems to lose control could be a burst of Spector’s mercenary side creeping out, but considering it breaks the established rules of their change – and Spector couldn’t singlehandedly take control without Grant surrendering it willingly even in other life-threatening situations – that could indicate that the part which happened off-camera was the unseen arrival of a third persona, perhaps Lockley. 
Right now, Moon Knight’s Steven Grant persona seems to be his safe disguise, away from the danger of Marc Spector’s heroic mercenary life. Could a third persona/Jake Lockley be the embodiment of the MCU Moon Knight’s dark side, a more violent and unpredictable version of the hero waiting in the wings of his psyche?
And what else could be lurking in there? As Harrow says in episode 3, “Who knows how many personalities” are in Marc Spector’s head.
And don’t forget the scene in episode 4 in which Marc regretfully confesses to Layla he was “there” when his mercenary “partner” got greedy and executed her father, and that he tried to save him but couldn’t. Layla then deduces it was Marc’s guilty conscious that was the reason he sought her out and they met.
Given this was also the night Marc first became Moon Knight, don’t be shocked if it’s the third personality that murdered her father. Isaac’s performance during the scene suggests there is much more going on under the surface than Marc simply being “partners” with an evil guy.
But that’s just a theory for now.
Moon Knight continues with new episodes streaming every Wednesday on Disney Plus – at least for one more week.
Moon Knight is just one of the new characters coming to the MCU, including Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Dane Whitman-Black Knight, Jane Foster Thor, America Chavez, Blade, and Eros/Starfox.

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