Wildcat Gun Machine Review: A Fun But Shallow Bullet Hell

Great barrage games have well-known and distinctive features such as key challenges, killer soundtracks, great visuals, and unique combat options like those found in top-selling games. Enter the dungeon..Those who have a self-proclaimed barrage dungeon crawler Wildcat pistol Chunkybox Games and DAEDALIC Entertainment will find some of these recognizable add-ons, but looking for others may overwhelm players looking for fleshy ones to sink their teeth. ..

Wildcat pistol The player plays the role of an unnamed hero, performing four actions that reach a cruel and difficult climax. Each action takes place in a different area, with four areas providing excellent contrast in terms of visuals, enemy types, and intense electronic music. When it comes to storytelling, Wildcat pistolIt is essentially non-existent as there are no cutscenes or dialog segments and the hero’s identity and goals are never determined.

When it comes to playing games, Wildcat pistol Comparable to Archvale Or another modern game that emphasizes fast and continuous movement, constant damage, and meticulous attention to enemy attacks. Each time you defeat an enemy, the player is provided with the in-game currency, Bone. Bones can be used at checkpoints at each level to gain better main weapons, additional evasion fees, grenade upgrades, and additional life that exists in the form of captivating ethers. Cat. Primary weapons purchased at checkpoints have an infinite number of ammo, but they do much less damage than special weapons, which have a limited amount of ammo that can be obtained by exploring the game, and can do a lot of damage when fully charged. You can also use the famous gun machine.

interval Wildcat pistolThe choice of its primary weapon can be overwhelming, limited, and inadequate, and its special weapon is another story. Although it does not compete with AAA games like WildcatGunMachine Wonderland of Little Tina When it comes to choosing weapons and abilities, there are over 40 unique weapons that players can unlock throughout the game, each with unique abilities such as bullet bounce and ammo piercing. This vast weapon means finding new weapons early in the game is very fun and rewarding.

The problem begins to appear as follows: Wildcat pistol However, this will continue as players will soon notice that the progress options are very limited. There is an in-game upgrade system, but half of the upgrades are additional life and don’t offer the great gameplay opportunities and fun progress you’ll find in other games. Independent game. Loop hero.. Gun machines receive new fixes for each boss battle, but these have little difference in damage output and the functionality of this special ability. The rest of the upgrade consists of minor changes in movement speed, fast charging, and grenade types. This is a good start, but you won’t get any major new abilities or upgrades after your first move. That means: Wildcat pistol It can quickly become obsolete.

Wildcat pistol This lack of combat and game progression is not a problem for players interested in a quick and easy dungeon crawl experience, as it can be defeated in just 7-8 hours. Plus, the game is released on Steam for just $ 15, so it’s perfect for anyone looking for a solid and affordable game. However, players looking for a deep and complex combat system and stories to follow may want to pass. Wildcat pistol..

Wildcat pistol It will be available on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PS4 on May 4th. The Steam code has been given to ScreenRant for the purposes of this review.

Our rating:

3 out of 5 (good)

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Wildcat Gun Machine Review: A Fun But Shallow Bullet Hell

There are some well-established hallmarks of a good bullet hell game: a significant challenge, a killer soundtrack, cool visuals, and unique combat options like those presented in games like the best-selling Enter the Gungeon. Those picking up self-proclaimed bullet hell dungeon crawler Wildcat Gun Machine from Chunkybox Games and DAEDALIC Entertainment will find some of these recognizable inclusions but will be left searching for others, and it may underwhelm gamers looking for something meaty to sink their teeth into.
Wildcat Gun Machine players assume the role of an unnamed protagonist as they shoot their way through four acts, culminating in a brutally difficult climax. Each act takes place in a different zone, and the four areas provide a nice contrast in terms of visuals, enemy types, and intense electronic music. As far as narrative is concerned, Wildcat Gun Machine‘s is essentially nonexistent, as there are no cutscenes or dialog segments, and the main character’s identity and goals are never established.
When it comes to gameplay, Wildcat Gun Machine might be compared to Archvale or other contemporary games that place an emphasis on quick and constant movement, relentless damage output, and vigilant attention to an onslaught of enemies. Each enemy slain will provide the player with bones, the game’s currency. Bones can then be spent at each level’s checkpoint for better primary weapons, extra dodge charges, grenade upgrades, and extra lives, which charmingly come in the form of ethereal cats. The primary weapons bought at checkpoints have infinite ammo but do significantly less damage than special weapons, which are obtained by exploring the game and have limited ammo. Players can also make use of the titular Gun Machine, which can be used to deal massive damage when fully charged.

While Wildcat Gun Machine‘s selection of primary weapons can be disappointingly limited and underwhelming, its special weapons are a different story. While Wildcat Gun Machine won’t rival AAA games like Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands when it comes to weapon and ability selection, there are over forty unique guns that players can unlock throughout their playthrough, each with unique capabilities like ricocheting bullets or piercing ammo. This wide arsenal means that finding new weapons in the early game can be extremely fun and satisfying.
Issues start to arise as Wildcat Gun Machine goes on, however, as players will quickly realize that their options for progression are very limited; there is an upgrade system in the game, but half of the upgrades are extra lives, which don’t make for interesting gameplay opportunities or fun progression that can be found in other indies like Loop Hero. The Gun Machine will get a new modifier after each boss fight, but these wind up making very little difference in the damage output and function of this special ability. The rest of the upgrades are minor variations to movement speed, dash charges, and grenade type, which is a good start, but the fact that no new abilities or major buffs are earned after the first act means that Wildcat Gun Machine can get stale quickly.

Wildcat Gun Machine can be beaten in as little as seven or eight hours, so this lack of depth in the game’s combat and progression won’t be an issue for gamers interested in a quick, simple dungeon-crawling experience. Plus, the game is launching on Steam for only $15, making it a great choice for anyone searching for a solid, affordably priced title. However, players looking for a deep, complex combat system – or a narrative to follow – might want to pass on Wildcat Gun Machine.
Wildcat Gun Machine will be coming to PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 on May 4. Screen Rant was provided with a Steam code for the purpose of this review.

Our Rating:
3 out of 5 (Good)

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