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Wonderful Fall Leaf Crafts Ideas

When it comes to autumn crafts, nothing beats autumn leaf crafts!

It’s one of the most fun and economical natural materials to date, making it easy to plan autumn leaf projects for all ages. There are so many possibilities.

Leaf Crafts for Kids Super fun autumn craft activities for kids.

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We love to make all kinds of crafts with real leaves, as the different shapes and colors enable many creative projects. You can create all kinds of different animals and creations under the guidance of your imagination.

For toddlers and kindergartens, our favorite is to provide children with lots of leaves, goose eyes, glue, paper and let them make their own crafts and craftsmanship. .. You’ll be amazed at all the crazy and cool things they can think of (you’ll also find some inspiration here).

We’ll also share some great ideas you can use in your thematic units.

Lion leaf crafts for kindergarten and kindergarten

Lion leaf crafts for kidsThis beautiful lion leaf craft comes with a fun template for kids to paint. So it’s a great activity with a sheet that focuses on fine motor skills and pencil grip.

For a more open-ended version of the process, skip the template and let the kids design their lion’s head with a variety of materials, such as drawing paper, paint, cloth, and disturbing eyes. ..

Leaf craft with paper plate

Paper plate hedgehog craftThis paper plate hedgehog craft is one of my favorite paper plate crafts. spike! fun!

And on deep paper plates, it’s easily self-supporting-on regular plates, just insert a roll of paper between them and spread it a little, and it works fine.

Why use paint and paper when you can make great hedgehogs from real leaves? Is there a more suitable autumn leaves project than this?

Paint them

Ladybugs leaf craftGive your little kids paint and let them be super creative by turning real leaves into little creatures of all kinds …

It can be a lush ladybugs, beetles, foxes or other things.

Draw on it

Hedgehog crafts from leaves for kids

Give the kids dry leaves and black markers and watch them make. From stupid faces to these cute hedgehogs. The only limit here is their imagination!

Another fun model to print and be creative

Turkish leaf craft patternTurkey is another fun theme to make in the fall, and to make it easier, we have prepared a printable turkey template … on your next hike, some real leaves Collect and do some leaf activity.

A pair of sheet paper rolls

Toilet paper roll Turkish handicrafts

When two super popular craft materials collide … magic happens!

Combine sheets and rolls to create amazing creatures. We love making this paper roll turkey and know that peacocks are pretty cool too.

Make flowers

Sunflower leaf crafts

Beautiful flowers are another fun thing you can do. You can stand like this sunflower craft or glue the leaves to a piece of paper for your children.

Another combination of leaves and paper plates

Sheet paper plate turkey craftGlue all the leaves together with a paper plate to create stunning turkey art and peacocks.

Pinseone + leaves

Pine cone turkey craftWhy stick to one material from nature when you can have two? Grab a pinecone and start crafting!

More leaf arts and craft ideas

Art Activity-Be creative with this simple activity at ArtyCrafty Kids.

DIY Tiara-A great way to celebrate the fall season, rather than making a beautiful tiara with natural materials like Red Ted Art.

Press Plate-Combine clay and leaves to make a cute little plate-A great tutorial from the best ideas for kids

Bookmarks-You can use this amazing buggy and buddy technique to create the most amazing autumn bookmarks ever.

Dreamcatcher-With these amazing dreamcatchers made by Craft Train, it’s easy to fall asleep.

Zombies-Mother Nature’s stupidest idea.

Mobile-You can’t believe how great a cell phone made of leaves is!Hello great

Printed sheet-very colorful!I like tricky things

Another wreath-this time comes with a stencil that can be decorated with real leaves and other fun materials. By Twitchetts

Suncatcher-You can make a great suncatcher with leaves. Check it out with fireflies and mud pies.

Leaf Threading-Another Great Exercise Activity from the Kids Craft Room

Fun leaf crafts for kids

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Wonderful Fall Leaf Crafts Ideas

When if comes to fall crafting, nothing beats fall leaf crafts!
It’s one of the most fun and frugal natures crafting materials ever and you can easily plan your fall leaf projects for every age group – there are a whole lot of possibilities!

*this post contains affiliate links*
We love making all kinds of crafts with real leaves as it’s different shapes and colors allow many creative projects. You can make all kinds of different animals and creations with imagination being your guide.
When it comes to toddlers and preschool, our favorite thing to make is to supply kids with a bunch of leaves, googly eyes, glue and a sheet of paper and just let them create their arts and crafts. You’ll be amazed at all sorts of crazy cool things they will be coming up with (you’ll find some inspiration right here too).
We also have some cool ideas to share with you that will be great to use with a themed unit.
Lion Leaf Craft for Preschoolers and Kindergarten
This magnificent lion leaf craft comes with a fun template for kids to color in, so it’s a great activity with leaves that focuses on fine motor skills and pencil grip.
For a more open ended process version skip the template and have the kids design their own lion head with a variety of materials offered to them – construction paper, paints, fabric, googly eyes…
Leaf Crafts With a Paper Plate
This paper plate hedgehog craft is one of my personal favorite paper plate crafts ever. Oh the pointy spikes! Adorable!
And with deep paper plates this one will easily stand on it’s own – with regular ones just tuck a paper roll between them to spread them a little and it will work out just fine.
Why only use paints and paper when you can make an awesome looking hedgehog with real leaves? Can there really be a more fitting fall leaf project than this one?
Paint them
Give your little ones some paint and let them get super creative transforming real leaves to little creatures of all kinds…
They could be making leaf ladybugs, bugs, foxes or anything really.
Draw on them

Give the kids a selection of dry leaves and a black marker and watch them create. From silly faces to these adorable hedgehogs. Only their imagination is the limit here!
Another Fun Template to Print and Get Creative With
Turkeys are another fun theme to make in fall time and to make things easier we have prepared a printable turkey craft template… Just grab some real leaves on your next walk and you have yourself a nice little fall leaf activity.
Pair Paper Rolls with Leaves

When two super popular crafting materials clash… Magic happens!
Combine leaves with paper rolls and create wonderful creatures. We loved making this paper roll turkey and we just know a peacock would turn out pretty cool too.
Make Flowers

Gorgeous looking flowers are another fun thing you can do. You can make them standing up like we did with this sunflower craft or have the kids glue the leaves on a sheet of paper.
Another Leaf and Paper Plate Combo
Use a paper plate as base to stick all your leaves on and create a wonderful turkey craft or even a peacock one.
Pinceone + Leaves
Why stick with one material from the nature when you can have two! Pick up a pinecone and let the crafting fun begin!
More Wonderful Leaf Arts and Craft Ideas
Art activity – get crazy creative with this simple activity from Arty Crafty Kids.
DIY crowns – what better way to celebrate fall season than to make yourself a wonderful crown out of nature’s materials like Red Ted Art did.
Pressed dishes – combine clay and leaves to make the most adorable little dishes – a great tutorial from The Best Ideas for Kids
Bookmarks – this cool technique from Buggy and Buddy can be used to make the most gorgeous fall bookmarks ever.
Dreamcatchers – falling asleep will be easy with these gorgeous dreamcatchers made by The Craft Train.
Zombies – the silliest idea from Mother Natured.
Mobile – you won’t believe how amazing a mobile made out of leaves can be! by hello, Wonderful
Leaf Prints – oh so colorful! I Heart Crafty Things
Another crown – this time it comes with a template you can decorate with either real leaves or other fun materials. by Twitchetts
Suncatcher – you can make great suncatchers with leaves, just check this one by Fireflies and Mud Pies
Threading Leaves – another wonderful fine motor activity by Kids Crafts Room

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